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 When the moon dies down and the wolves sleep, AW
Grace Harper
 Posted: May 4 2017, 03:32 PM

The moon was a porcelain charger plate, bright and high, and the skies a clear, nearly cloudless night save for a few smigeons of cigar smoke that drifted aimlessly on winds unseen, watching, waiting. It was a quiet night with a pervasive thickness that hung unwanted like a still-damp towel, a sense of emptiness like an abandoned building, and perhaps even a sense of expectation. There were many scents, if one had the inkling to pick them out, but tonight they were sublime ; they worked together to form a seamless smell of nothing in particular, as tasteless together as water.

The bidding of nighttime creatures had ended hours ago; the barn owl that catches field mice, the cat that dreamt of catching it, and the gaunt boy whom the cat belonged to. The enthusiastic howls of pack and lycanthrope creatures greeting the night had come and gone, and even the after party had died to a slow and steady embering fire to keep warm the endorphin-drunken revelers now sleeping off their successful hunts.

It was quiet. The time for doing things had come and gone. Now was the pre-dawn hours, when the mist made things ghosty, the damp made the humidity morbid, and the hour produced the most longing urges to slip into bed.

In the quiet silence and sticky slumber, a creature moved. Entirely black, it was as shabby as an orphan's toy, with hair sticking up in places that it shouldn't have been. By all rights though, the entire thing shouldn't have been, as all cursed creatures are. It was larger than a wolf, tailless, with bigger muscle structures and more crushing outlines of bones, but its skin clung like paper mache, a contradicting frail to the powerhouse beneath.

In the mist, it moved things. Dark things. With no particular haste or hurry, its movements were calculated but not precise. This land was the cemetery edge near Bill Compton's home, a grey-area place that was both technically Compton land and technically graveyard land, without fence, plot, or tombstone.

Bill Compton
 Posted: May 10 2017, 08:03 AM

Bill had been out taking a walk, he had been stuck in the house for so long that it was nice to get out even alone. Of course Bill was never alone. His Security was always following him, at least though they did him the favor at times to be unseen, so it was almost like he was alone. Bill took in this moment to the best of his ability. Bill was just glad to be strong enough to go for a walk. He had been so ill from the witches curse that he had been house bound. He had never been that ill in his whole vampire after life so he felt that it was important to take in the night. He had missed it so much.

Of course this only could last for so long. He heard some kind of tussle going on. Bill sighed and decided to ask what was going on. It seemed as though his security had found someone in the grave yard that connected his yard and Sookie's. Bill's team said they would take care of it but he insisted he could deal with it himself. He asked what it was and his security decided to just bring them to the king.

Bill got tired of this dramatic flare more and more. He waited to see if it was simply just Eric or if it was really a threat. Nothing would surprise Bill at this point.

Grace Harper
 Posted: May 10 2017, 03:07 PM

As ill as fate and circumstances might have been, its love of life was not sickly. Heightened senses had their advantages and though the throat mics and earbud walkie-talkies were too low to hear, the careful footsteps and sound of cold metal safeties being released to live fire were not.

Around its feet, the scattered limbs of animals and humans were unidentifiable by sight, too gorey with mingled blood to tell anymore.

With experienced spidey signals honed to pain blaring off in its brain, it swiveled foot, turning to run at the first sign of danger it recognized. But it was already too late.

"FREEZE!", the shout of the detail leader as he raised deftly trained automatic rifle. He flipped a switch on the side of his scope without moving his aim, revealing the previously hidden laser dot. On cue, the other three agents followed suit, showing three dots perfectly mid-torso, but moving slightly with breath and muscle quivers.

"And don't even think 'bout runnin'! Dunno what the fuck ye' ar' but we got silver-cased, garlic-encased, wooden-core bullets that'll decimate everything that creep out in the night!", the youngest of the team added. He was barely of age to obtain a security license. When a more seasoned member of the team had called in ill last minute, this fellow was the only person available to fill the gap. He wasn't the brightest or bestest, but he had a gun and license and thus fulfilled Bill Compton's security agency contract and this was all that mattered. The other three, all older and more used to surviving hairy situations, all remained quiet, focused, and most importantly, held their dot steady center, where a heart or other vital organs would be.

It could fight and die instantly - it was no vampire when it came to speed - or it could surrender and live to see another day. Such a thing as giving up was not in accustom with the wild rough-n-tumble eat-or-be-eaten laws of life. It was a trained thing. A raw thing. A thing beaten into submission. It knew that. Blue knew that.

Both mangy fists unfurled with keen slowness and rose above its head. The torn appendage it had been holding fell lifelessly to join the others there.

The squad leader stepped forwards, finding the silver handcuffs on his belt and carefully easing them onto the beast's wrists. They did not smoke.

"Come with us.", he with bit of a husky cough. The team escorted the beast towards the renovated Compton mansion without incident.

"Alpha squad returning with suspect hostage.", he whispered into the radio.

The team waited outside the mansion under the scope of a few more guns on patrol until they received word that their client was ready. Then, they entered the house, and assembled in Bill's office room.

The creature was made to kneel, its hands out front and cuffed, with the four security agents in each corner, weapons still aimed and ready to fire.

It was hard to tell what it was, but an astute eye might have noticed the trappings of both beast and human qualities, a coarse fur, and ill demeanor. A trained one might have seen the makings of bear, werewolf, man, and curse all in one. The fluorescent lights were harsh and unforgiving to this walking, short-haired Cousin It.

But it bowed its head respectfully and remained silent nonetheless. In the way a dog might be trained to sit, the thing remained as still as a stone, defying every instinct and inkling of wild nature that instead dictated one to thrash unpredictably. There was dignity, and humility, but defeat was not in this creature at all.
Bill Compton
 Posted: May 13 2017, 10:49 AM

Bill had been rushed out of his own yard. God this got old after a while, last time this happened it was Sookie... his team was a bit extreme in Bill's opinion but well they were simply just doing their job. Bill sighed as he was taken in a secret way to his house. He wondered if all Kings had to deal with this and as he thought about it, he was in the country. He thought of all the scares that could happen in a city. Not to mention he had heard that the new King of New York was Killian's bother... a far younger vampire then most Kings.

He didn't even want to think about the security he would have to have just visiting New York. Bill sat in his office surrounded by security. They all had their eyes on the screen, Bill as well as his staff were trying to make out what the hell they had actually found. Bill was sure that the Tv they were watching it on was just simply making it hard to tell what this was. Bill looked at his staff as they barged through the door with what ever it was.

Bill looked at them confused... was this a shifter? a wolf? Bill was not going to pretend that he was some kind of expert. "anyone know what we're dealing with?" he asked his staff right in front of the ... creature. He took a step closer to her and his security stopped him. Bill sighed and rolled his eyes, "fine... you tell me what we're dealing with then" he snapped to the man who had stopped him.

Grace Harper
 Posted: May 13 2017, 06:26 PM

The alpha squad leader that had apprehended the creature did his best to keep a professional name. Cliff, his name was. He restrained an urge to poke the creature with his gun as a child might poke a frog with a stick to see what it did.

"Sir, we don't know, sir. ", what he Cliff really wanted to say was that it looked like a mutant man-rat. Cliff looked up expectantly at Bill, hoping the lord of supernatural weirdness and nighttime would explain something that made sense. He was no weirdo animal lover, he just knew how to shoot, protect, and call the shots.

The harsh fluorescent lights did not make its snout and arms and finger-sausages look any prettier, sparsely haired and sticky with blood. In fact, it had even created a little trail of dried crimson coming in, the faint crimson markings like a big-assed dog, but elongated at the central pad. It waited calmly, its sides pushing in and out with the process of breathing. It opened its snout a little to pant, looking down and using the whites of its eyes to observe its surroundings.

"It's not safe, sir.", it was Cliff, the leader of the team who had stopped Bill gently, using his gun and right foot as a sort of barracuda, then withdrawing them when Bill paused.

"It appears to be a Swamp Monster, sir. Same genius of the Big Foot, but suited for swamp climates like Louisiana.", a different staffer piped in. She was tall with medium-length blonde hair, librarian square glasses that made her face harsh and unforgiving. She held a tiny, expensive-looking laptop in one hand along with a folder that smelled of paper fresh off the copier, and a brief case dangled from the other. She had just arrived and strolled in, hovering just outside the office. "Anne Massiner, I'm on retainer.", she started to offer her hand but realized she would be putting it directly in the path of the creature's head, like something to eat. "Your team called me in.", she added quickly, trying to clear any confusion.

When a few moments of silence happened, the creature made a noise. "RRrrrrrr", it tried. "Prrr....eeeiiiii...aaaAAA....ggggghhhttt...", Blue tried to rumble. Everyone's seen those videos where the cute and fluffy doggie-woggie makes different high-pitched squeals and barks to try to mimic human words. This creature had the same problem, but being half-man still, it had a greater mobility of tongue, but still, it was no talking parrot. Blue, the creature, tried again. "PrrreeeeIIIAAIIIgggghhhhttt", pause. "Preighate ongergaition", he tried to say. It was like a phone text conversation with a horrible auto-correct - the words were wrong but the sounds were close. It looked up at Bill hopefully and tried to smile pleasantly, revealing an array of wicked teeth and an inky mouth. It needed a dentist, definitely. It has a stub of a tail and it wiggled from side to side, looking more profane than the intended friendly. It ducked its head more, as if anticipating a rifle-butt to its head to get it to shut up.

In looking down more, it saw its claws, slowly moved one handcuffed hand out, bringing the other with it on the short cuff-length, and made a little motion. Its paw-claws flicked up diagonally, like a child splashing water. Once the motion was complete, it looked hopefully and pitifully at the next guard, repeating the wrist-splashing motion twice. From guard to guard it went, all the staffers, including Anne Massiner, and finished with the same bizarre, weird hopeful expression at Bill, complete with a grimacing smile of putrid, curving teeth. It had not made the hand-flick motion at Bill.

OOC: If you can't figure it out, try saying it out loud and making the motions yourself! If you still can't get it, I can tell you but it sort of ruins the surprise.
Bill Compton
 Posted: May 14 2017, 04:52 PM

Bill looked at her desperately trying to figure out what the creature was trying to say. He was at just as much of a loss as the rest of his staff. He had no idea what he was dealing with, even though it was clear that his staff had hoped he would have no kind of idea. Truthfully he did have an idea... though it was a loose one. "this has got to be some kind of Were... something" he said not exactly sure it was a wolf.. he had seen wolves and he had seen shifters, but this was a different animal for sure. He took a step forward and yet his security stopped him. Bill sighed a bit annoyed more then anything. He simply wanted to get a better look but he knew that his staff was simply doing their job.

Bill knelt down at a distance and tried to get a better look though it didn't seem to make things any clearer. Bill looked at the women who walked in, he didn't remember calling her in, but he wouldn't really doubt that one of his other staff had called someone in. He nodded to her, though didn't really think anyone needed another person in his office, his office was full of people right now.

"What are you trying to tell us?" he asked looking at the creature. He then looked at his staff, "perhaps if we cleaned this creature up we would be able to tell what exactly it was..." he said thinking that this creature had seen better days, he had no idea if this was a wild animal, but it seemed to have some aspects of a human and that meant Bill needed to figure out exactly what it was.

Grace Harper
 Posted: May 15 2017, 11:23 AM

The creature had been patient and put on a show of humility but Blue was really beginning to get pissy under these bright lights. He wanted to go back in the fog and the night and play with the severed limbs; anything would be more fun than this, really. Now they wanted to stick him in a bath and put a pretty bowtie on him?

It smacked its forehead into one of its elongated paw-claw things that really looked more like a horror movie prop than part of a real beastie. It studied its hands, thrumming its fingers in deep thought.

Suddenly, it clenched its eyes, began to rock agitatedly, and its skin gave a visible shiver, as if quivering jello. As it got worse, it lifted its eyes once more and looked around the room for something, growing more and more frantic in its eyes until it found what it was looking for. It stared out the window, eyes fixated on the full moon. Its pupils enlarged, the quivering stopped, and it seemed as if it had a bit more energy.

It returned to the task at hand, and with one long, gangly hand still cuffed, reached slowly towards one of the guards front pockets. Alarmed, the guard snapped, muscle memory jolting into a more rigid stance and ready to fire. The creature withdrew slowly, and tried again. The guard looked down for a moment, saw the pen in his pocket, and handed it to the creature.

Taking the pen, Blue turned around, towards the wall. Really, it's back wasn't much more pleasant than its front. Uncapping the pen it began to write on the wall, comically large, as if this thought was so pressing it threatened to explode its brain.


It gave the same grizzly, hopeful grimace showing putrid teeth as before. After a moment of thought, it added.

Still holding the pen, it waited. Its handwriting was not very good by handwriting standards, but it was readable, and distinctively male. Bill would need to get someone to scrub his wall or put a fresh coat of paint over it later.

It continued to write, as if expecting that all the guards would simply go away and Bill would grant the request to hear him out.


In the middle of writing more 'E's at the last badly-spelled word, the marker slipped from its cuffed paws, hitting the foor with a soft thud. It looked at its paws, then at the marker, half in bafflement, half in horror, and then turned around to face Bill once more, making bowing motions with clasped hands, as if a muslum during prayers. It was visibly nervous.

"EeeeeAAAeeeeee", it tried to say, a guttoral noise that wasn't pretty but captured the basics of 'please' the same way a not-a-morning-man might grunt once for 'no' and longer for 'yes' if asked a question.

It paused, clenching both eyes shut and holding its head on the ground, a sort of prostrated prayer, cocking its head, and then opening one eye to examine Bill from the floor. Its pitifulness might have been funny, that one moving eyeball in a sea of ugly that was brown, dark, furry, and sticky.
Bill Compton
 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 12:57 PM

Bill watched very closely at the creature... his staff seemed to be taking a more defensive stance about the situation. Bill didn't blame them one bit, but he was much older then most of them and because of that he had more insight when something was a threat. he wasn't sure if this was a bait and switch yet but from what he could tell the creature seemed more scared then anything. Bill stayed on its level as he read what was now written all over his wall. "Lower the guns" he ordered, though most did a few did not. Bill was not going argue with his staff at the moment. But instead kept his focus on what was before him.

"What are you" he said softly to it, hoping it would lift its head and then Bill realized that he was most likely not going to get a clear answer. "We are not going to hurt you" he said thinking that he would get more information from someone who was more calm then scared. "How about we try thing, nod once for yes and twice for no, do you understand this?" he asked thinking that it was clear what ever before him seemed to understand what was going on and what they were talking about but was having trouble responding.

"Are you part human?" he asked at first, he needed to figure out if this was a Were and if it was he was going to be giving Tait a call... perhaps he would be able to shed some light. "Is this a curse?" he asked wondering if this was just simply a state this creature was in.

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