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Welcome y’all! We are a Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood role play forum that was established in 2009. There is no word count and original characters and plots are always welcomed! Our plot has progressed to after the witch war with supernatural and human alike trying to live in a fragile peace.

How long this peace will last is unknown. Illegal sales of vampire blood are on the rise. Rumors of vampire extremists have started to spread. An unknown vampire has taken over the Mississippi werewolf pack and they have turned their eyes towards Louisiana. To make matters worse a murderer has started killing in the Bon Temps, Shreveport area, targeting supernatural and human alike.

The timeline is now anytime between March 1st and June 30th 2012 For further plot information, please see our Premise or PM one of our admin staff. Join in on the fun and come take a trip down south with A Taste of True Blood.

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May 10 2017, 08:52 AM
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180 • Vampire • Natalie Dormer

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<u><b> Personality</B></P></U>
Whitney is a strong women who some how has been able to get Daniel to control his emotions as the King of New York, she has been working with him to be a successful leader and she is for sure one of his most trusted staff. She is working with Daniel to push herself ahead in vampire politics but Daniel is a sucker for a strong women.

No one seems to know a ton about her as she tends to keep her private life private. But she had been hired very early on into Daniel’s reign as king. She, right away made herself extremely important to make sure she would always have a place beside the King. She quickly became someone the King relied on the most and trusts blindly.
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Mar 28 2017, 10:08 PM
Daniel sat at the top of his 40 story sleek office building. Of course the top floors were apartments and his was the entire 40th floor. It was good to be the king, that was for sure. Daniel was starting to think that he should have made that power grab a long time ago. Then again it was more of a buy out then anything else. He seemed to be quite in high demand in the vampire world with his social status. He was doing some of the best pro vampire work anyone had ever done because he had so much of a presence in the public eye. He was so glad to get out of that damn hick town and back to where he was comfortable.

He was on his was to a lower floor off the building to get some work done. He had come so far since leaving Bon Temps... and he didn't miss it one bit. He was dating celebrities again, and everyone in the city did what ever he asked... It was so good to be the king. Still... work was work. He headed to his office that was very modern and sleek and Daniel himself was in a suit with no tie, he was going for the James Bond look more then anything lately.

The vampire in his office was helping sell V... an issue all over the country and Daniel was not only face to face with a vampire over this mess but also a hum.... he rolled his eyes as he sat down. "So you guys have a defense or can i just sentence you to death?" he said pointing to the vampire "and throw you in jail?" he said pointing to the human. He leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on the desk. "I'm waiting" he said his tone more annoyed then anything.
Oct 20 2016, 02:07 AM
Daniel had continued his hunger strike even after his brother had come to visit him. He knew that it killed Killian to see him so broken and sad, and truthfully he was those things but well he was going to play it up as long as it took for his brother to break down and admit he was wrong. Daniel was going to make his brother beg for his forgiveness. This of course was challenging now. He was slave to his brother whim. Killian had made some deal with a witch to do a spell with Daniel's blood that gave Killian maker powers over his younger brother.

Daniel had never hated his brother before now but god was it strong. It was so strong that he was starving himself, not that Killian's guards were not periodically force feeding him blood. He still looked weak. Daniel normally dressed sharp he was of course an internet celebrity. But since he was playing his brother through this guilt trip he was willing to let that go. Not to mention he was in a small town in the middle of no where. He barley got recognized unless he was at Fangtasia. God when he was in New York, he couldn't walk down the street with out a mob of people recognizing him, wanting pictures among other things. He was missing his fame more then anything.

Daniel normally decided to brood in his room, but his brother had stopped coming around to check on him. So basically that meant that he needed his brother to see him outside. He had some blood behind his ear. This was because he was refusing to feed. Daniel decided to just take a walk, perhaps his appearance would at least cause a buzz between the vampires in this house.

Daniel looked like crap and that was saying a lot because as a dead person it was hard to look more like death then he normally did and he was basically just wearing a pair of sweat pants, no shirt, no shoes. Daniel was not allowed to leave the house... even though thats all he wanted to do, go back to New York. Plot his revenge.

He then heard a knock on the door. Daniel looked around...where the hell was anyone else? It was like no one was ever doing there job. God he longed for Bill to take back his kingdom. Daniel couldn't leave but he could answer the door. He opened, he had no idea who it was. "What?" he asked since she clearly got past security.
Oct 17 2016, 04:03 AM
Daniel had been in France for almost a week now. It had taken him a while to get there but his maker had insisted this was important. He was staying in his home town and he had seen his parents. The young vampire knew that he could not speak to them, this was something his maker had expressed at great length. He saw his father had become the town drunk. This thought couldn't keep Daniel from smiling, Bogdan had taught him so much about how life took turns and idea of Karma, this was nothing short of a prime example. Daniel's mother had left his father and seemed to have started a completely different family. She looked just as miserable as ever.

Oddly this brought Daniel comfort. He had been writing to his maker everyday. He had just finished a letter telling his maker all about how right he was. Daniel would send the letter to his maker with another vampire around here. Bogdan seemed to have connections everywhere which only seemed to make Daniel feel more safe. He left the letter on a table as he headed to sleep for the day.

Daniel woke up suddenly. The sun had just gone down, Daniel didn't normally wake this early...something was wrong. A pain ripped through his body. He had never experienced this before. His eyes grew wide and the pain seemed to worsen as he got up. It was almost unbearable. A blood tear rolled down his cheek from the pain. He stayed alone at the inn, in his room trying to feel better he had fed on a few people, he was doing really well at feeding with out his maker there but it was not helping the pain. Three days had gone by and the pain was still strong. That night there was a knock on his door. Daniel quickly made himself presentable and opened the door.

It was the vampire who had normally brought his letters to his maker, the vampire insisted to come in. Daniel thought that odd. The vampire then went on to tell him that a witch had tried a spell in Spain that hadn't been tried in almost a hundred years to make vampires walk in the sun. It only worked on a small town where she knew there was a vampire. In no uncertain terms the vampire told Daniel Bogdan was dead. Daniel couldn't hold back tear when he heard this. The vampire explained that he would be feeling pain and this was due to that. This vampire knew that Daniel was young and may not know what the pain was or what to do next. He suggested that Daniel seek out the first sire of Bogdan.

Daniel agreed to do that and thanked the vampire. He was then given a few letters from his maker. Daniel couldn't bring himself to look at them, though one of the papers had Killian's address. Clearly he had been writing his maker as well. Looks like he was headed to Ireland. Daniel had only really met Killian once maybe twice. But he figured Killian had a right to know what happened. Bogdan would have wanted that. So Daniel made the journey and followed the address. When he got there he was confused... he must not be in the right place, this was like a palace... surely some king lived here.

A servant of the house noticed him and asked if he could help him with anything. Daniel nodded. "I'm looking for Killian, he's my brother... I think I may be at the wrong place..." he said trying to be polite. The servant shook his head. "You are not at the wrong place, you must be Daniel" The young vampire didn't know what to think. Daniel had always come from a simple upbringing, maybe this servant was also a vampire... And was Killian expecting him? Daniel simply followed the servant and awaited seeing his brother.
Nov 3 2015, 08:15 PM
Daniel had been more then bored, sure Eric said he would talk to Killian but well he was sure that was only going to make his life more difficult, he needed a back up plan and that was what he was planning on making his move soon. He had been keeping track of his brothers online whereabouts and he had noticed that a skype call was made. He traced it to a location and then did some digging. The internet was a wonderful place that left an imprint to anything you really needed to find. He figured out how to watch the whole call and now he knew what Killian was playing with, well he could do the old Queen one better. Daniel hoped on the a new tab ordering a plane ticket and raced off to the nearest air port and was off. He knew that it wouldn't feel like long. He woke up and the coffin he was traveling in was opened. He smirked, as the women told him a taxi with two blood donors was waiting for him.

Just what he wanted to hear. He got into the taxi and drained both of them as he pulled up to the house, making sure that he had no blood on his face to be seen nor did he get any on the tight little suit he had put on. He was in a light grey suit with a white button up. As he stepped out of the care in a pair of black converse he smirked. This women was going to be very interesting he thought to himself. He had heard a lot about her but he really didn't know what to expect. But one thing he did know was that he was sure he could help her in what ver she was looking for... of course that was if she was willing to help him on what he wanted. Daniel was a selfish vampire and he wanted what he wanted when he wanted it. He pulled out his phone logging into his twitter app. #lovingtheroyallife he wrote not explaining what that meant. His followers would think that it was just him living the high life. Killian on the other had would never see it because he wasn't smart enough to figure out how to use a smart phone. Eric would know he was up to something, but he was sure Eric didn't have the energy to keep up with all of the cons Daniel was running constantly.

He walked up and saw some kind of security. "I'm here to see Sophie Ann" he said rather loudly, he liked making an entrance and making a scene. "I know she's hiding out here, i heard her conversation with the acting King back in the states." He yelled hoping that she would hear him and wonder how on earth he knew all this. He knew security would jump him any second, but well he didn't care, he liked to play rough and he knew he was ready for this fight. The guards jumped him and he didn't put up a fight he looked around at them and tried to take in as much information as he could just being dragged through the halls. He smirked looking at all the lavish decorations. God some vampires were just over the top and well he thought to himself he was as well but not like this, he was not about worldly possessions he was about the kill about the love, he was a romantic and that was more important to some ugly ass vase on a pillar. Some vampires just didn't know what was important but that didn't matter. As the guards muttered a few things in french Daniel let out a chuckle.

Daniel grew up in France in his human years, he was very fluent in French and well knew the country very well, he really lucked out that the old washed up queen had picked this place. Daniel knew he had to watch how he acted that she was much older then him and well for all he knew she knew his maker. As these thoughts rushed though his head he was thrown into a room. His head hit the floor had and as he got his whereabouts he groaned. "Your Highness..." he said feeling blood run down from his broken nose... great he thought, and he had cleaned up for a good impression, now that was ruined. He looked up to see a women before him and decided not to get up until she said something, old vampires loved that crap he thought to himself as he waited for a sound. When he heard nothing for a few beats he decided to speak again "pardonnez mon intrusion" he said looking up a little higher and speaking in flawless french.
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