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How long this peace will last is unknown. Illegal sales of vampire blood are on the rise. Rumors of vampire extremists have started to spread. An unknown vampire has taken over the Mississippi werewolf pack and they have turned their eyes towards Louisiana. To make matters worse a murderer has started killing in the Bon Temps, Shreveport area, targeting supernatural and human alike.

The timeline is now anytime between March 1st and June 30th 2012 For further plot information, please see our Premise or PM one of our admin staff. Join in on the fun and come take a trip down south with A Taste of True Blood.

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blurb: California native who just relocated to Shreveport with his mom to move in with husband number 3. He misses his lifestyle in Beverly Hills but is slowly adjusting. Born were-rat who doesn't understand what he is. Newly hired busboy at the Hair of the Dog.
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Apr 10 2017, 12:28 AM

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Apr 7 2017, 12:51 AM
It had been a few days since the “incident” at Hair of the Dog. Brad was so embarrassed (and horrified, and scared, and confused) that he ran out of the bar buck naked as soon as he had turned back into human form. When his mom saw her son running towards the house like he had just escaped some sort of heinous hostage situation (which in a way, he felt he had), Cara rushed her baby inside and tried desperately to comfort him. He was in a state though, and would NOT talk to his mother about what had happened. Of course she didn't push, she could see her boy was in pain and didn't want to stress him out any further. So after tucking his trembling body into his bed, Cara went to the kitchen to make him some food and give him some space like he had hastily demanded.

This time he remembered everything as clear as day, most likely because this was the first time that he saw the change happened when he was still... well, him. It wasn't like a vivid dream as it normally felt, it was real when he watched the patrons of H.O.T. Dog rip off their clothes and shift into wolves, (well... most of them were wolves anyways). A perplexing minute later, Brad himself was dropping into the rapidly growing pile of his own clothes as he turned into his rat form. Then... all hell broke loose. Suffice to say, it was a very traumatic experience, much different than his usual jaunt through the sewer system.

When a couple days had passed and he hadn't heard from Nolan or anyone at the bar, Brad figured they must have fired him. He'd never had a job before and wasn't exactly sure how the whole firing process worked, but he knew that whenever he dumped a chick he would just not call her again. Which was kind of what he felt his job was doing to him – dumping him. That's why, after days of no word, he was a little shocked when his mom gave him the message that they had called him to come in for an evening shift that coming Friday night. Guess he wasn't dumped after all.

Brad considered not showing up for his shit and being done with the place, and all the humiliation it had caused him. But something was bothering him about seeing everyone shift that day, something he couldn't get out of his head. He needed to know more about what he was, and these... people (if you could even call them that) would probably have answers for him. So reluctantly, he made his way down to the Hair of the Dog when Friday had finally rolled around.

The were-rat hated the way he was feeling as he approached the front doors. It was like he was about to perform the dreaded walk of shame. He hadn't even picked up his clothes yet for fuck’s sake. But if he wanted answers, he had to endure whatever might come his way in the form of ribbing. Pushing earlier said doors open, Brad's eyes stayed glued to the ground as he swiftly made his way to the bar. He heard some hooting and hollering and wasn't sure if it was directed at him or just a table of rowdy customers, so his eye-line stayed the current path until he reached his destination. Colton was behind the bar. This guy was the last person on earth that Brad wanted to see. He had been such a dick to the were-rat right before the spell went down. At one point Brad actually thought he was going to pick a fight with him. Which very well could have happened when all the animal commotion went down. There were so many wolves attempting to rip each other apart that Brad didn’t know who was who. He was so focused on scurrying and hiding (and maybe biting at a few paws) that he didn’t think of anything except survival. Since he ran out of there so fast afterwards, Brad didn’t exactly know how this conversation was going to go down. If he wanted to keep this job though, he had to face the big bad wolf.

H-Hey Colton… Brad stuttered, eyes focused on the wolf’s chin as not to make eye contact. The poor rat was practically shaking in his boots. It had been awhile since he had come across someone he feared this much. The South didn’t play around, that was for sure.
Nov 17 2016, 03:13 PM

Age: 21
Species: Were-Rat
Located: Shreveport, Louisiana
Occupation: Busboy at Hair Of The Dog


tolerance •• Don't go around tonight
scared of {specify} •• Well, it's bound to take your life
avoidance •• There's a bad moon on the rise
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cheated on •• I hear the voice of rage and ruin
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dislike •• Looks like we're in for nasty weather
rivalry •• One eye is taken for an eye
hardcore •• I see the bad moon arising

acquaintance •• Winter is here again oh lord
friend of a friend •• Haven't been home in a year or more
on/off •• I hope she holds on a little longer
party friends •• Sent a letter on a long summer day
drinking friends •• Made of silver, not of clay
former enemies •• I've been runnin' down this dusty road
friends {specify} •• Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'
confidant •• I don't know where I'll be tomorrow
partners in crime •• Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'
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inseparable •• Got to make it before too long
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with benefits {specify} •• Honey you oughta know
crush {specify} •• Now you move so fine, let me lay it on the line
fling •• I wanna know what you're doin' after the show
past {specify} ••Now it's up to you, we can make a secret rendezvous
relationship {specify} •• Just me and you, I'll show you lovin like you never knew
in love •• If it feels alright, maybe you can stay all night
final •• Shall I leave you my key?

sibling •• Well I don't know why I came here tonight
other family {specify} •• I got the feeling that something ain't right
respected •• I'm so scared in case I fall off my chair
loyalty to •• And I'm wondering how I'll get down the stairs
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Oct 23 2016, 12:59 AM
It was an odd feeling walking down this Shreveport street again. The sensation of knowing that this was the start of a new pattern in Brad’s life was unnerving. This was now his new route to work. Brad could still hardly believe that he had managed to get a job. To be honest, he really wasn’t even trying – just pretending to try. His step-dad Brian had been on his ass about getting a job, normally Brad wouldn’t have cared what that dick wanted, but now the guy had somehow managed to get his mom to pipe in and nag him too. Deep down, he hated being mean to his mom, and was getting real sick of telling her to shut-up every time she tried to encourage him to get out there and start applying. So one day he took a pile of the Resume’s his mom had printed him, put on the clothes she laid out for him, and hit the streets to “pound the pavement” as Brian would say.

Brad was mostly just walking around, taking in the sights. Nine months and he still hadn’t really seen what Shreveport had to offer. He was getting sick of carrying the stack of Resume’s with him though and looked for the nearest garbage can. He figured he would just throw them away and tell his mom that he had handed them all out. She would believe him, she always believed him. He dropped the pile in an open bin and heard a lady’s voice pipe up about him throwing away his future or some cryptic after school special bullshit. She was unlocking the front door to what looked like a bar. It sure didn’t smell like one though, but Brad assumed that the smell must have been coming from a nearby pet store. Intrigued by the woman’s interest in him, he engaged in a conversation with her for a few minutes. That is until she told him to grab a copy out of the trash and follow her.

The smell had definitely been coming from the bar. It reeked like a kennel, how could this broad not have noticed it?! Then again, she didn’t smell all that great either. The chick must have owned a bird, or a whole bunch of them given how strong the scent was coming off of her. When they had gotten to her office she started interviewing him, asking all sorts of questions, even some seemingly irrelevant to the job. Did he play well with other animals (whatever that meant), was he part of a group (again Brad was confused), was he prejudice towards other groups (what the fuck?). He tried to answer her questions as best as possible but it was truly an awkward conversation. For some reason, even though he had zero experience, she gave him a job as a busser. She said her name was Nolan Bennett and she owned the bar, but she wasn’t around much anymore and someone named Colton would train her. Nolan had told him to show up in two days to start his first day shift.

…and that brought him here, walking down the street wondering how the hell a busser does their job. Whenever he went to the places he frequented in Beverly Hills, he never paid attention to the bussers or what they were doing. He simply didn’t care about them, they were invisible to him. He liked being invisible though, it mean he could overhear random things about strangers’ lives. Maybe this job was perfect for him after all.

When Brad arrived at the Hair of the Dog… super weird choice of name by the way since it literally smelled like a dog. He hesitated before entering. The sign said closed and the place looked… dark. His sense of hearing had gotten much better after he turned into a freak though, so he could hear that there were people inside. So Brad opened the door and walked right in. Like a shot to the head, the animal aroma hit him hard, much harder than it had the other day when he was in for the interview while the place was empty. He looked around and saw a few people there, sort of just talking in a group. They were all staring at him, it was not the best feeling.

He-hey… I’m a… Brad. This is my first shift, I’m the new busser. He paused for a moment as they all continued to stare him down. I’m looking for Colton? Whether it was the nervousness that filled him, or just the fact that Brad sometimes tended to let rude comments slip because he lacked the necessary filter, he couldn’t stop the next words that came out of his mouth. …and seriously, what’s with the odor in here? Why does it smell like this place is a dog kennel? Judging by the expressions on everyone’s faces, perhaps that wasn’t the best comment to make.

Aug 19 2016, 09:48 PM
[dohtml]<div class='bgtemp' style='width: 550px;'><br><div class='bg2temp' style='width: 500px;'><br>

<div class='maintitle'>BRAD WHITE</div>
<br><center><img src="" width="500"></center>
<br></div><p><div class='subheadtemp'>the basics</div><table><tr><td class='bg2temp' style='width: 500px;'><center><br><div style='width: 450px'><p><p align="justify">

Character Name: Bradford Jonathan White
Nicknames: Brad. Only his mom calls him Bradford… he HATES it
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Date of Birth: Feb 2, 1990
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Species: were-rat
Play By: Richard Harmon
Physical Appearance: Brad is average height, 5’9”, and quite lanky with his slim build. He dresses very casual and usually follows the crowd because he can’t be bothered to figure out his own style. Most of the time he just wears what his mom buys him. His hair is dark brown and worn at a medium height. If it gets too long and shaggy his mom will usually give him a quick trim in the kitchen. Ironically he isn’t that harry of a person so he doesn’t need to shave that often, but when he does he never experiments with facial hair.
<img src="" width="450">
When shifted, Brad is about 9 inches long, with a tail the same length, weighing about 12 ounces. His fur is course and a mixture of brown and dark grey. Basically, he is your typical common brown sewer rat with beady little black eyes that have poor vision. He uses his acute sense of hearing and sensitivity to ultrasound to make up for it; communicating with ultrasonic vocalizations known as “chirping” but can also make squeaking sounds audible to humans. As a rat, Brad is nocturnal and possesses metacognition.

<br></p><br></div></center></td></tr><p></table><p><div class='subheadtemp'>personality</div><p><table><tr><td class='bg2temp' style='width: 500px;'><center><br><div style='width: 450px'><p><p align="justify">

Personality: Brad is that typical spoiled brat that most everyone has come across before; entitled, rude, ignorant, lacks respect or any sort of personal drive. You would swear that his mother even lays his clothes out for him. Because she dotes on him unhealthily, he seems to think that nothing is wrong with the way he acts. It didn’t help that his friends in Beverly Hills were like-minded and equally oblivious to just how terribly they all carried themselves. That would involve parents who actually noticed the kind of individuals their children were turning into.
Cara is only continuing to enable this sort of behavior by repeatedly turning a blind eye to just how horrible of a human being her son can be. So it seems to get worse and worse as the years go on. Bradford really does love his mom though, more than he could ever put into words and surely more than he would ever show her. His brattiness is turned up to maximum right now while he continues to clash with his new step-father. Brad will do anything to show Brian just who really is in charge when it comes to Cara. He can’t look past his own stubbornness to see that Brian is just trying to help Brad grow into a respectable, hard-working man with rules and boundaries.
Lately Brad has become a bit of a recluse. Without money to go gallivanting around town with, or even friends for that matter, Brad doesn’t see much of a reason to leave the house. He would much rather hole up in his room and play xbox or chat with his west-coast friends online or even just watch television. He is too stubborn to get out there and actually try and enjoy anything that Shreveport might have to offer.
↑↑swimming & climbing↑↑ For as long as Brad can remember, he always has had an affinity for these activities. Sure, he is lazy a majority of the time – but it doesn’t mean he isn’t damn good at them. These randomly seeming traits aren’t just your average childhood boy hobbies though, they are actually in his were-rat DNA, as rats are incredibly good swimmers and climbers.
↑↑sneaking & spying↑↑ He is one sneaky dude. Brad has a talent for being unseen since he is generally pretty quiet around people he doesn’t know and tends to slink around unnoticed, observing other’s interactions and conversations. He likes to spy on people, being sneaky is something you have to be if you want to hear or see anything good.
↑↑xbox master↑↑ With the amount of time he spends on his gaming console, it would be embarrassing if he wasn’t good. Brad dabbles in all sorts of games: sports; strategies; RPGs; shooting; racing; and action. Grand Theft Auto is by far his favorite to play though.
↓↓scavenger↓↓ A loose term, hoarding might be more accurate but he does like to find and keep random things. A few items Brad likes to scavenge when out and about include, but are not limited to: keys; McDonald’s straws; sugar packets; and condoms (only the ones with the shiny wrappers). Those are his preferred scavenges at least. He hoards them all in different places around his room, along with old cereal bowls that he purposely does not take back to the kitchen after using. Once in a while his mother will do a sweep of his bedroom for the bowls and other dishes but Brad just yells at her and tells her to get out of his room. So she started scheduling her secret gathering missions for when Brad steps out of the house so that he doesn’t see her doing it.
↓↓weird quirks↓↓ If the last weakness didn’t show how odd Brad is, perhaps it can be expanded on. Along with scavenging and hoarding, Brad also has weird quirks about him. Laying them all out would be too difficult but here is an example: Sometimes Brad will wait until no one is looking and then will quickly take a sip out of someone’s glass, acquaintance or stranger. It isn’t that he is necessarily so thirsty or cheap or lazy that he needs to drink someone else’s drink. It’s actually just this weird sensation he gets where he feels the need to do it. Like some sort of odd ocd-like habit is forcing him to take a sip. It doesn’t happen all the time, but a fair amount.
↓↓addiction to cereal↓↓ Brad can literally never not eat cereal if it is in front of him. It is by far his favorite food and will sometimes go a whole day only eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He is sort of a human garbage disposal when it comes to food, especially treats or anything he can find in the pantry that is ready to eat, but cereal is a particular weakness he can’t avoid. It’s so bad that if he is near a bowl, even if it is at another table in a restaurant, he will somehow find a way to sneak a bite. His diet and love of cereal is most likely a result of his rat species traits, but thankfully two-natured have good metabolism.

</p><br></div></center></td></tr><p></table><p><div class='subheadtemp'> history</div><p><table><tr><td class='bg2temp' style='width: 500px;'><center><br><div style='width: 450px'><p><p align="justify">

Choose a side: He’s pretty indifferent, although tends to have a natural sort of wariness for vampires given his species.
How is Character Related to story: He is a were-animal who has just moved to Shreveport about 9 months ago. I plan on having him stumble upon the Hair Of The Dog and be intrigued enough by the smell to inquire about the open position on the job claim board. But I will do that in thread form.
Relationships: <br><br>
Cara White-Brooks-Nelson (mother): Simply saying that this woman is a coddler is major understatement. She looks past all of Brad’s faults (and trust me, there are lots) and only sees her sweet little boy. She is a pushover when it comes to anything related to him and doesn’t think twice about the fact that she allows him sit around the house all day while she supports him. Cara doesn’t even flinch anymore when he calls her a bitch or talks back to her. In her head, Brad is just being playful or alternatively must be really stressed out to say such things, which means it is totally forgivable to her.
Jonathan White (biological father): Who knows much about this guy. Cara sure doesn’t like to talk about him. He walked out on them when Brad was 3. To his credit, Cara was surprised he even lasted that long. She got pregnant with Brad when she was only 16 and since Jonathan was the same age, all his dreams went out the window too. He dropped out of his senior year of high school to get a full time job so he could support his new family. The resentment just kept growing and growing until one day he went out for milk and never came home. Brad and Cara haven’t heard from him since.
Harlow Brooks (former step-father): The movie producer. Harlow was the only thing Brad had to compare to a father. He let him do whatever he wanted and provided an unlimited allowance to go with the freedom. In reality, Harlow was more like a “cool older brother” to him instead of a father figure. Brad took the break-up really hard (and is still coming to terms with it). He wanted to stay and live with Harlow after the divorce went through but was crushed to find out that the feeling was not reciprocated. So Brad was forced to follow his mother to Louisiana where his new step-father lived.
Brian Nelson (current step-father): The ‘man of the house’ and Brad’s new step-dad. He is a blue collar worker that lives a humble life and can’t understand why Cara puts up with Brad’s shit. He is constantly giving his new step-son a hard time but not because he is a jerk, because Brad is a lazy douchebag who doesn’t treat his mother with enough respect. Brian is a good guy, the kind of father most kids would kill to have. Not Brad though, he hates all the rules that Brian enforces and wishes he would be more like Harlow.
Character History: Brad was the product of that old clichéd story that used to scare teenagers into abstinence. You know… that one that takes place in the back seat of a car on prom night? That was the hand that fate dealt Cara and Jonathan on the evening of their Junior Prom. The two had only been dating a few weeks, but teenagers are impulsive and Cara wasn’t exactly what you would consider a prude. When Jonathan found out, he of course did the right thing and stepped up to the “fatherhood” plate... He didn’t really knock it out of the park though. Both of their parents were disappointed in them, Jon’s parents even tried to bully her into “taking care of it” but Cara would not be swayed. From the moment little Bradford was conceived she knew that he would be the most important thing for the rest of her life. Suffice to say, both sets of parents cut the two middle class teenagers off and showed them a little “tough love” by making them move out and support the baby themselves. This of course meant that Jonathan would need to get a job.
At first he tried to balance a part-time job while attempting to keep up with the demands that came with being a senior. Even Cara was working part-time after school. Eventually though, after Brad was born it all became too much and Jonathan ended up dropping out of high school so he could work a full-time construction job. They lived a humble life, were able to pay the bills and put food on the table, but soon Jonathan would detach himself emotionally from his family as he slipped further and further into depression. Him and Cara were fighting regularly and she could tell that he was unhappy with the way their life had turned out. One day when Brad was only 3, Jonathan went out for milk and just never came home. Cara saw it coming and there never really was any love in their relationship to begin with. It was almost as if she was relieved. She had Brad all to herself and since Jonathan had walked out on her, her parents had decided to help her out financially by paying her rent and covering the bills.
Five years passed like no time at all. Cara was loving life too much to notice. Her little boy was the apple of her eye, even if she couldn’t see any of the rotten parts from her rose coloured glasses. She spoiled him endlessly, anything Bradford wanted – he got. Even his grandparents would roll their eyes when they witnessed their daughter countering temper tantrums with showered attention and undeserved gifts. That was her choice to make though and she wouldn’t have done it any other way. Cara had no idea that she was enabling an entitled attitude that would follow him for the rest of his life.
He was almost 9 years old when his mother met the next male to encompass her life, who would rapidly become Brad’s step-father. It just so happened that famous Hollywood movie producer, Harlow Brooks, was filming at the San Diego Zoo the exact same day that Cara was taking Bradford there. They bumped into each other, he flirted, she responded to it and soon after he was flying Cara and Bradford up to Beverly Hills to be with him every other weekend. It only took a few months before he proposed and asked her to come live there permanently.
For the next decade their lives were perfect. Cara had all the financial security in the world that she could possibly need, not that riches were anything she ever strived for, but it was a nice cherry on top to finding love again. Bradford had a father figure (albeit, not a very good one) who he grew to love immensely and their lives were seemingly perfect. But nothing is ever as perfect as it seems.
Back when Brad was 13 something very strange happened to him. He noticed that he was having some sleeping issues and started sleep walking, waking up in weird places in his bedroom or the kitchen, fully naked. Aside from that, he was having very vivid dreams about shrinking to the size of a rodent and scavenging around the house for crumbs. He kept it from his mom and step-dad but was concerned that it kept happening every month. The breaking point though was when he woke up naked in a sewer down the block from his home. So one night before he went to sleep he decided to set up a camera towards his bed to see what exactly was going on. When he watched what he shifted into, a brown rat, Brad was horrified and frightened. He didn’t understand something like that could be possible and was too embarrassed to tell anyone, even to this day. Little does he know, his biological father Jonathan came from a line of were-rats. Maybe one day he will find out, but for now he stays oblivious to the fact that there is anyone out there like him and continues shifting every full moon. He hasn’t attempted to shift on his own will either because he doesn’t even know that he can, nor would he ever try. He prefers to ignore the problem and sweep it under the rug.
Despite his discovery of the kind of freak he had secretly become, Brad remained a spoiled brat… and not in a playful generalization way either. His mother hadn’t eased up on unconditional doting and Harlow never bothered to enforce any rules or even care enough to notice if they were broken. Harlow’s take on parenting was to shove money at Bradford and let him do whatever he wanted. Obviously for a teenager, that translated into #BestParentEver but unknown to Brad it was just another thing that would escalate his entitled complex to astronomical levels.
As mentioned before, nothing is ever as perfect as it seems. That was the case for Cara when she had learned that Harlow was stepping out on their marriage with a plethora of wannabe actresses. Someone was always willing to do whatever it took to land a role and Harlow wasn’t one to put a halt to these women’s ambition. His infidelity probably went on for longer than Cara had known, perhaps even their entire marriage, but when she did find out. She did not put up for it.
Since money was never her endgame, she didn’t bother to go after Harlow for what she was legally entitled. Sure, they had a pre-nup that he had broken the terms of with his infidelity, but she always felt dirty taking money that she didn’t earn herself. Almost like some whore being paid off for her services. He insisted on giving as much as she was willing to accept for her and Brad to stay on their feet, he even bought them a cute little house close to Venice Beach. The divorce was amicable and Harlow even let Brad continue to hang around the mansion whenever he wanted to.
Everything changed for them, again, when Cara’s pipe burst in the new house. It was a Sunday afternoon and she was pacing her front porch, stress written all over her face as she attempted to find a plumber who would come out on a Sunday afternoon. That’s when husband number-3-to-be overheard her distressing phone calls and offered to help. He was in California for a few weeks visiting his sister, Cara’s neighbor, and just happened to be a plumber. They hit it off immediately and soon would fall madly in love with one another, something Cara had never expected to happen so quickly after Harlow.
Brian and Cara tried to take things as slow as they deemed necessary. They even did the long distance thing when his vacation ended and he went packing back to his home in Shreveport. But Cara had fallen hard for him and so she ultimately made the decision that her and Brad were going to give south a try. Bradford was furious. He didn’t want to leave the life he loved so dearly; his friends, his routine, Harlow. He even begged his former step-father to let him stay in Beverly Hills with him. By this point Brad was technically an adult so he could have done whatever he wanted, yet he was still too immature to take care of himself without the assistance of his mother. Harlow never wanted the responsibility of being a father in the first place and firmly declined, breaking Brad’s heart and forcing him to make the move with his mother to Shreveport.
Brian’s lifestyle is humble and thrifty. He doesn’t buy outside his means, never over-indulges in material possessions and has a certain moral code that he holds closely to his heart. His house is a modest 3 bedroom bungalow in which he runs his plumbing business out of his home office. Suffice to say, it is nothing even close to the way that Bradford was raised. In fact, he is still struggling to adjust to his new lifestyle every day. He mostly hides out in his room, watching TV or dicking around on the internet. He hasn’t even bothered to make any friends yet. Brian keeps insisting to his new bride that Brad get a job but Cara says that her son needs more time to adjust. It’s been 9 months though and Brian can’t help but wonder… how much more time does Brad need?

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