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Welcome y’all! We are a Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood role play forum that was established in 2009. There is no word count and original characters and plots are always welcomed! Our plot has progressed to after the witch war with supernatural and human alike trying to live in a fragile peace.

How long this peace will last is unknown. Illegal sales of vampire blood are on the rise. Rumors of vampire extremists have started to spread. An unknown vampire has taken over the Mississippi werewolf pack and they have turned their eyes towards Louisiana. To make matters worse a murderer has started killing in the Bon Temps, Shreveport area, targeting supernatural and human alike.

The timeline is now anytime between March 1st and June 30th 2012 For further plot information, please see our Premise or PM one of our admin staff. Join in on the fun and come take a trip down south with A Taste of True Blood.

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blurb: Nyx is a love child raised alone by her mother in the swamps of Louisiana. Her mother vanished years ago and Nyx is figuring out how to take care of herself with dwindling supplies left behind for her...which means leaving the swamps for the first time in her life into a world she was told has suffered from some sort of apocalyptic event.
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May 18 2017, 08:46 PM
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<div class="letter1">S</div>he wasn't proud to admit it but the first time she saw a car zoom past her she panicked. She was walking down the hard packed road she had found after tying up her boat and for a while it had been quiet but as the night started to wear on and approach early morning hours she could see more signs of life. Specifically wild life at first but then that car drove by blaring music like she had never heard before and moving faster than a hungry gator. Instead of flagging it down she had literally jumped to the side of the road and hid in the first bush she could find as a thrill of terror washed over her. Honestly Nyx had no idea what to expect out here in the world, maybe things had changed in the years since mama had vanished, but that initial contact with something unfamiliar...well, it hadn't gone as smooth as she had always dreamed it would.

<p>In her day dreams she'd always be confident, cool, smooth, as she approached anyone that seemed like they could help her. She wasn't totally ignorant of what the world had been like, mama had done her best to teach her and brought home books for Nyx to devour. She knew what cars looked like - and had been both pleased and surprised to see they looked just about the same - but she'd be the first to admit that she wasn't all that savvy on history. Mama had only taught her up to a certain point before she refused to talk about The Event and how the world was now. Clearly it hadn't advanced too much but that could be a good thing. Right? There was one area, however, she had no clue about and that was any sort of technology at all. Well, besides the beat up old record player mama had and her collection of vinyls. Mama had always said vinyl was the best medium and she didn't care what no one else said about anything else; cassettes and CD's were just not the same, whatever those were.

<p>Upon getting control of her fear and convinced herself that the next car that passed her by she would flag down. Of course it was still early (late?) and given how long it had taken for that first car to go by she was content to wait it out and continue walking, her barefeet taking her one step at a time.


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@[Sam Merlotte]
May 15 2017, 02:01 PM
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<div class='maintitletemp'>Nyx Beauchamp</div>
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<br></div><p><div class='subheadtemp'>the basics</div><table><tr><td class='bg2temp' style='width: 500px;'><center><br><div style='width: 450px'><p><p align="justify">

Character Name: Nyx Ellouise Beauchamp
Nicknames: Can’t get much shorter than Nyx.
Gender: Female
Age: 19 both physical and actual age.
Date of Birth: December 1, 1993.
Sexual Orientation: Clueless
Species: Half human, Half fairy
Play By: Barbara Palvin
Physical Appearance: Piercing steel-blue eyes shine from a finely sculpted face that’s framed by thick brown hair falling in subtle waves down to the inferior angle of her shoulder blades. She stands at five feet four inches with a curvy body - she’s not thin but she’s not overweight either.
She’s got a very light smattering of freckles that cover her cheekbones and branch over the bridge of her nose that are hard to see unless the light is right or you’re very close to her. Other than those freckles her skin is perfect, not marred by a single mole or mark, tattoo or piercing.

<br></p><br></div></center></td></tr><p></table><p><div class='subheadtemp'>personality</div><p><table><tr><td class='bg2temp' style='width: 500px;'><center><br><div style='width: 450px'><p><p align="justify">

Personality: She’s a very outgoing, happy, person for someone who thinks the world is post apocalyptic. She loves learning new things, loves being out in the sun and enjoying nature, and while she’s terrified of having to go out on her own and do what her mother used to she’s also excited and hopeful she’ll find other survivors. She’ll be in for quite a culture shock but she’ll deal quite well with it, thrive really, if she doesn’t get herself killed or eaten first.
She’d be the first one to help someone if they needed it and give what little she has to do so. She’s that person you either find extremely annoying because of how happy and peppy they are or want to be around all the time because of it. She’ll be a loyal friend to any willing to teach her, to put up with her rather strange ways and behaviors as a result of her isolated upbringing.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Weaknesses: Naive - She knows nothing of the real world and has known only her mother and the lies she told her entire life. Trusting - as far as she knows anyone could tell her anything and she’d believe it, she doesn’t know any better. Fairy - of course she doesn’t know it yet (because she has no idea what she is) but iron is dangerous to her but she is aware of the citrus issues, that was almost a disaster and has left her with a healthy dislike of such fruits.
Strengths: Fairy - Just like the weaknesses of her kind she also has the strengths of them though she they haven’t yet been made fully known to her just yet. She does know that she has a strange affinity for water, it just does what she wants it to. Resilient - She’s a survivor and tougher than she looks. She knows how to defend herself even if she doesn’t really know yet what she needs to defend herself from. Curious - She wants to know about the world so it won’t take her long to learn everything she’s been missing and figure out how it works, there will just probably be many hiccups along the way.

</p><br></div></center></td></tr><p></table><p><div class='subheadtemp'> history</div><p><table><tr><td class='bg2temp' style='width: 500px;'><center><br><div style='width: 450px'><p><p align="justify">

Choose a side: Neutral as of now
What is the character's role in the story: Nyx is a love child raised alone by her mother in the swamps of Louisiana. Her mother vanished years ago and Nyx is figuring out how to take care of herself with dwindling supplies left behind for her...which means leaving the swamps for the first time in her life into a world she was told has suffered from some sort of apocalyptic event.
Relationships: Father: Unknown, Mother: Deceased, Siblings: None, Grandparents: Unknown to her on both sides
Character History:

Ellouise Beauchamp was twenty years old when she met him. A woman known to love living life to it’s fullest which meant parties and drinking and having a good time it was no surprise that when the beautiful man showed interest in her that night she didn’t turn him away. She was no stranger to men but he was, by far, the most lovely she had ever had. It was one night of passion that left her carrying his child and she never learned his name.
She had never been close to her family, they disapproved of how she lived her life, and that disapproval turned to disowning her when she told them she was going to be an unwed mother and on top of that had no idea how to find the father or who he even was. So she took the money her father gave her to leave and never bother them again and made a home for herself and her child in the swamps of Louisiana where she could do what she wanted and no one would tell her what she could and couldn’t do.
She wasn’t sure when she figured out her child was different, that she needed protecting, but she knew for sure when Nyx seemed to be able to read her thoughts and then there was that time the water beneath their home seemed to do what Nyx wanted. Ellouise loved her little girl from the moment she had been born and when she found out her daughter was something...else her love turned to an irrational need to protect, and possibly a tinge of fear of the girl as well. She secluded the both of them in their swamp and left only when they needed supplies, making sure that she instilled a sort of fear in her daughter of the world outside of their home. It worked, for a while, as Nyx grew up believing that the world had been destroyed and the only safe place was their swamp, that every time her mother went out she was risking her life to get what they needed to continue to live.
Ellouise knew she was dying. She used the time she had to teach her daughter to shoot, how to protect herself, how to hunt their swamp for food. She didn’t tell her daughter she was dying, pretended everything was fine even as she coughed up blood, even as she felt herself growing weaker. She did her best to hoard supplies, buying or stealing what Nyx would need to last her as long as possible, and when she knew she was close to drawing her last...she left. She kissed her daughter as he slept and slipped out into the swamp.
Nyx looked for her mother for five years and watched her supplies dwindle. She knew that she would eventually need to brave the world, to walk it’s destroyed streets and gather what she could before returning to her home where it was safe, where she knew the rules and how to live, where the need to know what it was like outside her swamp was just a mild curiosity she could easily ignore in the safety of her home, where the search for her mother made it easy to forget she badly wanted to know what it was like, if there were other survivors like she and her mother.
The day finally came and she gathered up her courage to pack herself a tattered bag with rations and the pistol her mother left behind, load up the small boat her mother often took on supply runs and head out as her heart thundered with a mix of excitement and terror.

<br></p><br></div></center></td></tr><p></table><p><div class='subheadtemp'>role play sample </div><p><table><tr><td class='bg2temp' style='width: 500px;'><center><br><div style='width: 450px'><p><p align="justify">

The engine gave a low, chipper, sort of chug-lug-chug-lug, sound as Nyx piloted the boat towards the dock her mother told her never to go to. That was the only reason she knew where she was going, her mother would tell her ‘Never go this way, Nyx, nothing but death and danger await you there. Stay safe in the swamp, I’ve taught you how to survive, use those skills.’ and she did, she tried, but the swamp could only provide so much. She needed more than just alligator and fish meat, more than what little vegetation she could get to grow. Her clothing was becoming ill fitting, thread bare and she was bit more curvy than her mother so the clothing the other woman left behind was a bit too snug and sewing was not something she was good at. If she was going to be completely honest, however, it wasn’t just the need for supplies that sent her out but a curiosity to know more, to fill the void her mother had left, she was so lonely and was desperate to know if anyone else had survived the event that destroyed the world.
The engine cut off and the boat drifted to the lonely dock, the hull bumping against it as she guided it in and leapt from boat to dock, rope in hand to tie it off. It was a quiet evening and she was surrounded by familiar sounds even if the scenery was different, it was comforting in a way, reminding her that even if the world was gone there was still life in it. It gave her hope that there were others out there, she just had to find them. She had no idea how far she would need to walk, no idea if the map she had found was still correct, how much of the landscape had changed after The Event but it was all she had. At least navigation was another skill her mother had taught her, it was a thing they had learned together from books her mother had scavenged and their compass had become a treasure they took very good care of. They had spent hours during the way following maps, making their own even, and even at night they used the stars like sailors used to. It was just one of the many things she and her mother did together as Ellouise wanted to keep her daughter distracted, to keep her happy in their swamp and never want to leave.
Shouldering her bag she dug the map and compass from it, took note of her current location and headed off. Her barefeet - she had worn out her last pair of shoes about two years ago - duly thudded on the dock until they fell to grass. Nyx paused for a moment, pushing back the sudden wave of fear that clutched her heart, her mother's warning about the world that awaited her ringing in her head. She had no idea what awaited her, not even a clue about what the world would be like now as her mother wouldn't tell her much about her supply runs but that fear was quickly shaken, mostly, off. It was time, her mother had been gone for so long that Nyx had to fend for herself even more now and that meant going out like her mother had before her. Courage gathered around her once more like a warm cloak Nyx followed the map to where a road should be.
She wasn't sure how long she walked but there it was, looming before her as the trees thinned out around her, surprisingly still well tended even if it was mostly dirt. Of course there was no one there and she could still only hear wild life around her but this was progress, if a road was maintained then someone had to be doing that work, right? She paused to consult her map again and headed off in direction of a town labeled Bon Temps to see what she could find.

</p><br><br></div></td></tr><p></table><p><div class='subheadtemp'>the writer</div><p><table><tr><td class='bg2temp' style='width: 500px;'><center><br><div style='width: 450px'><p><p align="justify">

Your Name/Alias: Styx
Current Characters: None
Age: 29
How far have you gotten in the series?: Never read the books, finished the show but am rewatching it now (Almost done with Season 4 I think).
How often would you be able to participate in the RP? Depends on how active threads I’m in are but at least once a week.
How did you hear about our site?: Another member on the site.

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