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 you bring the line (open)
Dana Walker
 Posted: Apr 2 2017, 01:50 PM

Dana wasn't really the fishing sort. It wasn't that she had anything against it, or even thought it was boring. It was just that she never managed to catch anything. Which was probably good because she didn't know what she would do with a fish if she ever caught one. She was a bit of a girly girl so cooking it herself was out of the question. That involved taking the scales off and stuff. No thanks. But it was a quiet way to pass some time. Her yellow flip flops sat next to her on the dock, her legs crossed and holding a pole in her hands. She looked every bit the country girl right now with her long hair in pigtail braids, hanging over either side of her shoulders. She wore a plaid short sleeve top and a pair of cut-off shorts that had previously been jeans before the bottoms had gotten so torn up that there was practically nothing left. But Dana was resourceful, she'd taken a pair of scissors and turned the old pair into a new pair of shorts.

The human twenty-year-old hummed quietly to herself and every now and then breaking out into words:
"You get the line and I'll get the pole honey,
You get the line and I'll get the pole bay-ebe."

They were the only lyrics to the song that she could remember.
Kyler Kimba
 Posted: Apr 5 2017, 10:40 PM

Kyler had enjoyed his break from the circus at first. He could so whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He started to realize after a while though, that he hated to be immobile for too long. That's what he had loved about being in the circus. There was always stuff to be done. Always moving. Always active. Going on night prowls outside of the city only helped so much.

He grabbed his old fishing pole and box on this particular day. He had enjoyed fishing with his dad when he was younger. Maybe it would be something that would get his mind off of his boredom.

When he headed to one of his favorite haunts he found it to be already ocupied by a rather cute looking human. He couldn't help but check the pigtailed girl. It was kind of cute that she was singing while she fished.

He stepped out onto the dock with his fishing gear. "Nice pipes ya got there darlin. Might scare the fish off. They bitin?" He walked out near where she was sitting and looked out at the water. "I'm Kyler by the way. And you would be?" He flashed her a grin.
Grace Harper
 Posted: Apr 6 2017, 11:00 AM

Grace Harper sat as quiet as trees, undignified on her old paint bucket as if it were a makeshift toilet instead of a seat. Both hands held a fishing pole, but there was an intensity to her movements, a desperation. One could only eat so much cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner before they craved a realer food.

When a fish bit, she yanked, effectively lodging the hook into the roof of their mouth so they couldn't slip the bait off the hook and swim away. It was extremely effective and it was rare that her bait was stolen, which was good, as she didn't much like the hunting of grubs to bait the hook with. She reeled her catch quickly, knowing which spots had too much lake wort and were better to avoid.

When she heard the sound of singing, she paused, briefly raising herself to see, and spotting a young woman with an appropaching man.

"Shit-", the fish struggled and nearly yanked the pole from her unsuspecting hands. "Shit shit shit", she whispered aloud. She reeled him in and brought the pole up, lifting the fish out of the water. With one hand she held the pole and with a gloved hand she grabbed the fish, protected from its scales. She got up, and stuck the fish in the bucket of ice she was sitting on. Quickly, she frantically packed her things.

The wind shifted and she smelled... something. Something she hadn't smelled before, but it contained the smell of mammal beast. Something primal, something powerful. The second she thought she smelled it, it was gone, leaving her with an uncomfortable feeling.

"Shit.", she hurried even more, working at an impossible pace and at last growing desperate enough to simply throw everything into the ice bucket where her last catch still thrashed a bit. She picked up the bucket and slunk away, keeping low, and trying to remain out of sight.

-- exit --
Dana Walker
 Posted: Apr 9 2017, 01:51 PM

Dana looked up at the sound of a male voice. Her cheeks flushed a light pink color. She enjoyed singing, but she hadn't really expected an audience and now she was embarrassed. To top it off she didn't even know all of the lyrics to that particular song. Her lips formed a wide smile, trying to cover up the fact that she hadn't planned on being caught singing. "Oh is that why they're so scarce?" she asked with a soft laugh. She took a moment to take in the site of the person standing next to where she was sitting. He was attractive and if she'd been straight she probably would have been all over that. She turned her attention back to the fishing pole, trying to hide the fact that she had been checking him out. "They ain't doin' anything," she said.

She smiled as the man offered her his name. Kyler. She liked it. It wasn't something she heard a lot of. "Dana," she offered. "You should join me. Maybe give me a few more tips."
Kyler Kimba
 Posted: May 21 2017, 11:33 AM

Kyler set his stuff down and pretended to stretch as he looked out over the water. He loved being home. He did not love the heat. And neither did the fish. Something else was makin em twitchy though. Something he smelled on the wind but couldn't quite catch it.

He took the beautiful woman's hand, shaking off the watched feeling and kissed her knuckles lightly in a gentlemanly manner and releasing her in one fluid motion. "I think I will join ya. No stealin my fish though missy."

He gave her a little wink then unfolded a foldable stool. At 6"4 he was a big guy. Luckily the still seemed to hold him this far.

Opening the tackle box, he took out a baggie of what looked like shrimp and craw daddies. His hand easily hooked a shrimp onto his line. "Farther into the day it gets the more likely it is they are not going to go for anything. The sun heats up the water too much. Also depends on what you are fishin for.
Most fish around here are bottom dwellers."
He tapped her nose playfully with his clean hand and chuckled. " Water is muddy so they use their nose in stead of their eyes. Gotta use stinky bait."
Dana Walker
 Posted: May 22 2017, 01:48 PM

The girl with the braids scrunched up her nose as he bopped it with his finger. She could imagine that he'd be a fun guy to hang around, and since she was new, she needed all the friends she could get. Her initial reasoning for moving to the Bon Temps area was to visit her cousin and to get away from her crazy vampire ex lover, but the more she hung around the area, the more she liked the quietness of the small town life, even if there was some sort of murder that had taken place recently.

[b]"Well, truthfully I ain't really plannin' on catching any fish," [/b]she confessed. "I mean, if they bite, they bite and we'll have us some dinner. But it was just a nice day so I wanted to spend it in the sun." Of course, she didn't plan on being the one to skin the damn things. Scales were not something she wanted to deal with. "Plus I like the water," she added.
Kyler Kimba
 Posted: May 23 2017, 03:19 PM

Kyler couldn't help sneaking glances at the cute girl. He tried not to think of the stranger in sexual ways but damn. She was a real looker. He would have to be a moron not to notice and appreciate her.

He flipped some of his hair out of his face and gave her a goofy grin. "Not gunna eat em?Oh girl. You do not know what you are missin. Cajin catfish is amazing. " It made his mouth water thinking about it.

He adjusted so that he was comfortable on his stool. Looking out at the water he longed to be able to go furry and run through the woods. He missed hunting.

His attention on was brought back to her sweet iil voice. "I like water okay, but I wouldn't go jumpin in thus water unless you wanna get an extremity bitten off." He chuckled, obviously amused at himself. "Tell me dana,
What else tickles your belly?"
He slowly reeled his line in to give the fish something to chase.
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