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Welcome y’all! We are a Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood role play forum that was established in 2009. There is no word count and original characters and plots are always welcomed! Our plot has progressed to after the witch war with supernatural and human alike trying to live in a fragile peace.

How long this peace will last is unknown. Illegal sales of vampire blood are on the rise. Rumors of vampire extremists have started to spread. An unknown vampire has taken over the Mississippi werewolf pack and they have turned their eyes towards Louisiana. To make matters worse a murderer has started killing in the Bon Temps, Shreveport area, targeting supernatural and human alike.

The timeline is now anytime between March 1st and June 30th 2012 For further plot information, please see our Premise or PM one of our admin staff. Join in on the fun and come take a trip down south with A Taste of True Blood.

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True Blood and the Southern Vampire Mysteries are the property of HBO and Charlene Harris, so no copyright infringement intended. Many thanks to them for creating such an amazing world to play in.

All graphics, colour schemes, coding and design were done by Staff. Any images found for the graphics were located using google image search. Big thanks to Entertainment Weekly for creating the American Gothic inspired True Blood cast images used in the header and sidebars. Fonts were care of and uploaded using font squirrel.

The coding was built using the Forum Hosting Stylesheet Version: 1.0.0 as a base which was added to and edited by Staff; however there were some other codes that contributed and are as follows. First off, big ups to w3 schools, a lot of help came from searches that lead to them. Sidebar by Brook (links to sites are now offline). Word count code created by Shawn Seley and contains their copyright. Removal of subforums is a code by InfoZodiac of The Peekaboo side table code was care of SubDevo. Image Mapping hover codes by Image Maps. Grayscale code by KarlHorky of GitHub. Many thanks to Darren Criss from ATF for the mini profile code.


 F.A.Q.'s, frequently asked questions
The Authority
 Posted: Sep 25 2013, 03:03 PM


I am a member from the Proboards site and am used to the old Proboards (pre-version 5) BB codes. How different is the coding on Jcink?

    If you have ever used an invisionfree site’s BB coding you will see that Jcink is the exact same, and both are very similar to Proboards old BB codes. For instance, if you wanted to make something bold, you would still use the same [*b]Bold[/b*] codes (with the asterisks removed obviously). The same goes for [*i]italic[/i*], [*u]underline[/u*], [*quote]quote goes here[/quote*], [*code]code goes here[/code*], [*url=http://LINKtoURL]Links[/url*], and images [*img]http://LINKtoPHOTOS[/img*]. There are some differences though and they are as follows:

      [blockquote] – This is not a BB code that Jcink recognizes. If you are looking to make an indent in your text, you will need to use the “List” coding (remove asterisks) [*list]Indented text goes here[/list*]

      [center] / [right] / [left] – Alignment codes work a bit differently here on jcink. This is how the alignment codes should look here (remove the asterisks and replace “center” with right or left depending on your preference) [*align=center]Text to be aligned goes here[/align*]

      [table][tr][td] – These are some examples of table codes in BB form that pre-version 5 Proboards used to use as their form of “dohtml.” It won’t work on Jcink and isn’t needed because now you can use the pretty dohtml codes that most other sites use. If you do end up finding a dohtml template you want to use, remember to use the appropriate BB tags before and after the html coding: [*dohtml]html code goes in here[/dohtml*]. Directories and Resource sites have a lot of dohtml templates you can use and all you need to do is ask if you are confused.

I’m still confused about the coding on this site. There are certain codes I need to fill out (like the application, face claim, who plays who, etc.) and it looks like gibberish to me because I am not good with html. What should I do?

    Knowledge is power, learning how to understand the html in dohtml codes will help you grow and navigate through this site, as well as other RP sites quickly and easily. But we do understand how daunting it can be when the codes look like a foreign language to the user. So here are some tips and examples:

      Posting a provided code – This is the easiest part. We have already provided a code for you, all you need to do is copy it and paste it as is in your post.

      Filling out the necessary fields – This is where it gets confusing. Having to navigate through code you don’t understand can give someone a headache. So when we have buried something deep in code that we need you to fill out (that might not necessarily stand out) we have made sure to put it in ALL CAPS so that you are drawn to it. For instance, in the application, the first two things we need you to fill out is your character’s first and last name and a picture of them. Can you find where you would edit these fields in the following code?
      <div class='maintitle' style='font-size: 45px;'>FIRST & LAST NAME</div> <br><center><img src="http://URL TO 500px WIDE IMAGE"  width="500"></center> <br></div><p><div class='subheadtemp'>the basics</div><table><tr><td class='bg2temp' style='width: 500px;'><center><br><div style='width: 450px'><p><p align="justify">

      The first would be FIRST & LAST NAME. That is where you would type in your character’s first and last name. The next would be URL TO 500px WIDE IMAGE. This is where you would slot in a url to a picture of your character. (please note, the “quotation marks” before and after the image url are necessary in the coding so make sure those stay in).

      The other thing to do is actually try and read through the code. When you come to a legible sentence that gives instruction like “Character’s full name goes here” then you know that it is something we are requesting and not part of the code. We have tried our best to separate code (as much as possible anyways) from the areas we need you to fill out.

      Still struggling? No worries, eventually you will get the hang of it. If you can’t figure it out the best thing is to copy/paste it into your post and try to fill in the areas you understand as much as possible. If it doesn’t look right, PM a staff member and they will try to fix it for you at their earliest convenience.

How do I change the name that shows on my profile? I signed up with the username “Joelovescandy” but I would like my posts to show that my character Joe Smith has posted.

    This is a confusing one for members that are used to only working on Proboards sites. With Jcink and other invision based forum hosts, you need to sign your character’s up with their full name as you want it to be displayed. For instance, What Joe should have done is made his username “Joe Smith” using proper title case capitalization and a space in between the first and last name (yes! Jcink lets you use spaces in your usernames unlike Proboards!) If you have already signed up using a name like “joelovescandy” that is no problem, you can change it yourself! All you need to do is go into My Controls (top right hand corner of the screen in your userlinks), once you are in your controls, there will be a menu on the left hand side. Under the “Personal Profile” area there will be a link you can choose Change Username. it will take you to the next screen where there will be an option to change your username. The staff will need to approve it but it shouldn’t take too long.

Does this site follow the books or the show more closely?

    Good question! And one we can’t fully answer. Though we tend to lean more towards the books when it comes to species and some other aspects, we also follow the show closely as well. At first when this site opened in 2009 it was much easier to follow both simultaneously but as the show progressed (and our plot with it) it strayed from the books, it now is more of a preference thing. If you are unsure about details, best thing is to ask a staff member or leave a question here in the Questions and Feedback board for someone to answer. If you have a question about a way a canon is played, if said canon is active it is always best to ask them directly.

I want to play a canon but don’t want to use the same play by as in the show. (or) I want to play a canon but it is taken, can I reserve it so if it becomes available again I will be next in line to apply? (or) I want to play a canon differently from the books and/or the show, is this possible?

    All canon questions will be addressed on the Canon List so please check that topic first. If your question isn’t answered, that is what this Questions and Feedback board is for.

I played So-and-So on the Proboards site and disappeared for a while. Now I am back and my play by/canon has been claimed by another writer. Can I have it back?

    For the site host conversion (moving from Proboards to Jcink) we not only sent out a board-wide email but also put holds on the canon and face claim lists until the moving activity check was completed. If you did not check in to the moving activity check by the cut-off date then your play by/canon is up for grabs. Feel free to contact a staff member and let them know of your situation. They will make a note of it and offer you your desired play by/canon if it comes available again.

It says this is a no word count site. Why is there a word count minimum in the personality and history part of the applications then?

    Applications are the characters bio that people go-to when they want to learn about a character. For this reason, we like to see characters fleshed out a little more in their applications. 75 words for the personality and 150 words for the history is not really asking for a lot. You may have the perfect idea of your character in your head, but in order for staff and other members to see that vision, we need it explained to us.

If this F.A.Q. didn’t answer a question you had,
please start a new topic inside this Questions and Feedback forum.

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