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Welcome y’all! We are a Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood role play forum that was established in 2009. There is no word count and original characters and plots are always welcomed! Our plot has progressed to after the witch war with supernatural and human alike trying to live in a fragile peace.

How long this peace will last is unknown. Illegal sales of vampire blood are on the rise. Rumors of vampire extremists have started to spread. An unknown vampire has taken over the Mississippi werewolf pack and they have turned their eyes towards Louisiana. To make matters worse a murderer has started killing in the Bon Temps, Shreveport area, targeting supernatural and human alike.

The timeline is now anytime between March 1st and June 30th 2012 For further plot information, please see our Premise or PM one of our admin staff. Join in on the fun and come take a trip down south with A Taste of True Blood.

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The Authority
 Posted: Sep 25 2013, 03:12 PM


    VAMPIRES — Vampires sleep by day and cannot be exposed to sun or they will burst into flames. They can also be killed by a stake to the heart, burned by fire or dismemberment. They have sharp pointy fangs, pale cold skin, heightened senses, supernatural speed and the ability to glamour their victims. Vampires survive off blood, whether it is fresh, bagged or synthetic. They cannot enter a dwelling unless they are invited, and invitations can always be rescinded. Vampires also have their own monarchy and hierarchy of law while concurrently having to follow the human laws. For further information, see the section on vampires.

    HUMANS — All humans are aware of vampires since they “came out of the coffin.” While some humans have not accepted vampires as creatures of God, and organizations such as the Fellowship of the Sun are against vampires and their existence, there are also the opposite demographic known as “fangbangers” who are essentially vampire groupies. For more information on vampires and humans, see the vampire section below. Other supernatural species are not known to humans. Unless a hybrid, they do not possess any powers and are vulnerable to the powers of a supernatural species.

    WITCHES & WICCANS — Witches do not have super powers in this lore. While they might have unique specialities relating to their region or heritage, their magic comes from spells usually performed with their coven. True witches are hereditary and born into a magical family thus having the natural ability of magic, whereas wiccans are humans who have devoted their lives to learning and studying how to use magic. They are not as powerful as witches; however, can still perform spells. Most witches and wiccans have mentors and/or apprentices whom they learn from/guide until they have reached a certain level of magic. Neither witches nor wiccans have unlimited power or any special abilities. They all use spells to perform their magic. For further details, see the appropriate section on witches and wiccans.

    WEREWOLVES —Werewolves are the most common shifters, and are superior to the other were-animals and shapeshifters. They often organize in packs, and this also will depend upon the animal they turn into. However since werewolves are of course wolves, they will gather in packs with an established hierarchy and set of laws. They can spread their ability through biting a victim, however this will only occur if bitten enough times and the human becomes only a hybrid and not a full blooded werewolf.

    WERE-ANIMALS — Were-animals can usually shift whenever they please, but all must shift if they see the full moon. They all have heightened speed, strength, and senses. Were-animals will have a suffix of the animal they turn into, such as were-bat, -were-tiger, or were-owl. Bigger were-animals such as tigers, bears, and larger predators are extremely rare in the shifter community. Because of this, some may not be accepted and you may be asked to change this if the animal you chose is too unrealistic. But please, don’t take this personally!

    SHAPESHIFTERS — Unlike werewolves and were-animals, shape shifters are extremely RARE and uncommon. They possess the ability to shift into any animal they so choose at their will, however they must have the animal to imprint or model themselves after. For example, in order to shift into a cat a shapeshifter must find and imprint upon a cat in order to take the form of one. Most often, they will have an easy ‘go-to’ animal they transform into often. Shapeshifters are not organized, but they also acquire the heightened speed and senses of werewolves and were-animals. While powerful, they are looked at as being the lowest in the shifter community.

    FAERIES — Gifted with beauty, fairies have pointed ears which can be surgically altered to mimic human ears if they so desire. They are bestowed with powers of the elements depending on their clan.Their physical beauty is so alluring they draw in vampires, mortals, and witches alike. They are irresistible to the supernatural world, and vampires cannot resist their blood without strong control or age to hold themselves to suppresses the fae essence. Despite their beauty, the fairy species can be quite deadly and conniving, making them a beautiful force to be reckoned with.

    DEMONS — (note: Staff recommend you don't attempt to make this species unless you are familiar with the SVM books) Demon blood is corrosive and lethal to vampires, acting as something of a repellant and most vampires will do their best to avoid a demon. Each demon is a descendant from fairies that have fallen from their status, and are not immortal. They can live thousands of years in the fae realm, yet their lives are not quite so long within the human world. They have the ability to manipulate fire, and are especially strong and dangerous. However, very few have special abilities or powers.

    OTHER SPECIES — Hybrids are half-breeds that share one or more supernatural species. Hybrids are extremely rare and will need to be approved by staff (please note that demon/vampire hybrids are not available since demon’s blood is toxic to vampires, therefore the hybrid can not exist since it can never be made) Currently, we are not accepting vampire/faery hybrids. Maenads are immortal so long as they have faith in their god. They are not creatures to be reckoned with. They are proud and belligerant creatures. Drawn to violence, drunkenness, sexual activity, ritual, and death. Can manipulate human minds. Can control other supernatural beings if they have infected them with their venomous claws, however that is very seldom. The Britlingen Collective are bodyguards from another dimension that are reputed to be the best. They must be summoned by a witch, who negotiates a contract with their guild and returns them to their dimension when the contract is fulfilled- and Britlingens always fulfill their contracts. They can overpower humans, and easily ragdoll them.

The Authority
 Posted: Sep 25 2013, 03:12 PM


  • Vampires sleep during the day, it is very, very hard to wake up a sleeping vampire, thought the older the vampire is, the more they can be somewhat up.

  • Being exposed to the sunlight will burn a vampire and eventually kill them.

  • A vampire will die if a stake is driven through their heart, they are decapitated, set on fire or exposed to the sun for too long.

  • Vampires cannot enter a human's home without permission from the resident. This invitation can be rescinded at which point the vampire walks backwards out of the house without saying a word.

  • Vampires only drink human blood or manufactured blood, no animals (one exception has been seen, but the vampire wasn't right).

  • If a human and a vampire each have the others blood three times, they are bonded (for more on bonding see the species descriptions below).

  • To be made a vampire, a human must first be drained of most of their blood, or injured to the point that they are within an inch of death. If a vampire feeds the human their blood, the human will die and rise 3 nights later as a vampire.

  • A vampire has to obey his maker. In fact they feel compelled to do everything their maker commands them to, and can't stop.

  • Young vampires with out the aid of their maker or another vampire have a 75% mortality rate as they are unable to learn to control their hunger or learn how to use glamour and other vampire abilities.

  • The vampire society has strict rules in place. If one of these rules is broken, severe punishment may be carried out at the discretion of the magister, the sheriff of the area or the queen / king.

  • The vampires in the United States have split the country into King(or Queen)doms. Each one is an actual state. At the head of the state is the king or queen and below them are the sheriffs, which rule separate areas in the state.

  • We are ONLY accepting vampires who were turned at age 16 and up due to discrepancies between the vampire's mature tendencies and the legal age for that.

  • We are currently NOT allowing any vampire characters new to the site to have special powers (i.e. Eric's flying) as we have reached our capped amount for the time being.

  • At this time we are currently not accepting any original (non-canon) vampire character that is above the age of 2,000. Please also keep in mind that if the vampire is more than 1,000 years old, we will require a lengthy character history section and staff have the right to refuse an age if we feel it is bordering on Power Playing.


  • very sharp, retractable fangs

  • pale and cold skin

  • supernatural speed

  • extremely heightened senses

  • unnatural beauty

  • supernatural strength

  • extremely heightened reflexes

  • coagulant-like saliva

  • immune to disease

  • the ability to glamour humans (put them in a helpless trance in which they can extract information from the subject, alter their memory, or control the actions)

  • the ability to heal from injury unnaturally fast

  • the ability to regenerate severed or injured body parts (though the process is slow and painful)


  • sunlight - any exposure will burn a vampire of any age

  • silver - injuries caused by silver will not heal as quickly as any other injury, prolonged exposure can poison a vampire

  • wooden stake - through the heart

  • fire

  • drawn to fairies

  • vampires are susceptible to magic

  • vampires are incapable of entering the dwelling of any human without an invitation. If the invitation is rescinded, they must leave immediately without saying another word, walking backward out of the dwelling

  • vampires are compelled to listen to their makers and are incapable of disobeying them

  • vampires are incapable of glamouring humans or beings who are have supernatural attributes of their own (other vampires, Weres, Shifters, Fae, humans with "gifts", etc.)


  • Vampires are only capable of consuming blood and other bodily fluids, but only blood sustains their existence.

  • The older the vampire, the less blood they need to consume in order to quench their hunger and preserve their undead lives.

  • Vampires do not need human blood in order to survive. Synthetic blood will suffice.

brands of synthetic bottled blood

  • TrueBlood (or Tru:Blood) [available in 4 blood types]

  • LifeFlow [available in 4 blood types]

  • Red Stuff [cheapest brand]

  • Royalty Blended [extremely expensive]

  • Pure Royalty [extremely, extremely expensive]

vampire blood & blood bonding

  • A vampire's blood is incredibly valuable and in itself contains many of the properties of the vampire the blood came from.

  • When a human consumes vampire blood, they will experience heightened senses, have an abundance of energy, sharpened reflexes, a heightened physical appeal, and will be healthier.

  • If injured, a human who consumes vampire blood will heal at a miraculous rate.

When a human consumes the blood of a vampire who has also
consumed their blood, a bond is forged. Traits of a bond include:

  • a vampire being able to find the human at any time

  • a human being able to feel when the vampire they are bonded to is near

  • a vampire being able to sense or feel the human's emotions

  • a human viewing the vampire as more human

  • a vampire having power and influence over the human, including the ability to call the human to them at any time

  • With every exchange of blood, the bond grows stronger.

making a vampire

For a human to be turned into a vampire, a human needs to be taken to within an inch of their life. Whether it's from injury, blood loss, etc., all it takes is a small spark of life left in the human. If a vampire then feeds that human their blood, the human will die and remain dead for three days. On the third night of death, the deceased human will rise as a vampire.

If you wish to have a human character become a vampire, you must first find a vampire to be their maker.

vampire politics

Since vampires first began making the journey to the New World, they have divided the United States up into kingdoms. Each individual state is one, separate kingdom. Each state is then divided up into areas. Areas, originally called fiefdoms, are controlled by a single sheriff. Each kingdom contains one vampire who is King or Queen of the state and doubles as the sheriff of one area.

Every vampire in any state owes fealty to both the sheriff of their area and the king or queen of the state. For any vampires relocating from one area to another, it is customary to check in with the sheriff of the area and get their approval for residence.

A sheriff has no political jurisdiction or authority outside their area, nor over any vampire but those within their territory. Kings and queens have no jurisdiction or authority over any outside of their state.

Vampire politics is cutthroat and permanent. The only way to remove a king, queen, or sheriff from their position is to overthrow them. A vampire king or queen may be king or queen of more than one state by inheriting it or by overthrowing its present monarchy.

Louisiana has the highest vampire population in the United States.

*Information on vampire politics and the rough lines of the Louisiana areas come from Club Dead and All Together Dead.


king of louisiana — william compton
queen of the midwest — mina dahlia
sheriff of area five in louisiana — eric northman

The Authority
 Posted: Sep 25 2013, 03:13 PM


  • Because of the great revelation all humans are aware of vampires; however, the majority of humans are still oblivious to the rest of the supernatural world.

  • Humans can not have any powers, abilities or magic (although there are telepaths in the series, their abilities are as a result of their fairy heritage).

  • If you wish to have your human use magic, you can create a wiccan (see below for witch and wiccan info).

  • Although there is synthetic blood, humans are still prey to many vampires. The only way to defend themselves is with silver, fire or a wooden stake. However, strength-wise they are weak and helpless when compared to vampires and other supernaturals.

  • Humans are only aware of vampires because they have revealed themselves. If your character is aware of other supernaturals they must have a reason for it.

  • For information on humans that have bonded with a vampire, taken V, or had a vampire’s blood for any other reason, please see the vampire section of this species list.


  • True witches are hereditary and born into a magical family thus having the natural ability of magic. They usually grow up studying, or are at least surrounded by magic.

  • Wiccans are humans who have devoted their lives to learning and studying how to use magic. They are not as powerful as witches; however, can still perform spells.

  • Killing with magic is forbidden in the community and punishable if found out.

  • Most witches and wiccans have mentors and/or apprentices whom they learn from/guide until they have reached a certain level of magic.

  • There are different levels of magic that can be mastered. All magic is meant to be positive and helpful, some based on rituals and religion.

  • Using magic drains 'energy' from the user. Greater or more complex spells require more than one witch to perform.

  • Neither witches nor wiccans have unlimited power or any special abilities. They all use spells to perform their magic.

  • In order to cast a spell on another character, you must get approval from them. They can't just run around erasing everyone's memory or making someone fall in love.

  • Despite their ability to cast spells, witches and wiccans are still human in makeup. This means that unlike other supes, most ARE susceptible to a vampire's glamor. However, there are rare exceptions when a witch can block a glamor, or even their thoughts from those with telepathic abilities. But this takes skill, and a very high level of power for a witch to achieve.

The Authority
 Posted: Sep 25 2013, 03:13 PM


(werewolves & were-animals)

  • Weres can only turn into one animal (usually a warm-blooded predator).

  • Most can shift whenever they want, but must shift if they see the full moon.

  • Heightened speed, strength and senses. As a whole, wereanimals are far stronger than regular humans, and even shapeshifters. However, they're still a good deal weaker than most vampires, unless they've been consuming vampire blood.

  • Werewolves are the most common shape-shifters. When someone says “were,” they usually mean werewolf. They generally consider themselves superior to all other were-animals and shapeshifters.

  • Any other weres have a suffix of the animal they turn into (i.e.- werepanthers, werebat, weretiger, werefox, etc.)

  • First born children to parents of the same animal will always be of the same type (i.e.- two werewolves will produce a werewolf as their first child. two werepanthers produce a werepanther, etc.). Also, if parents are mixed - ie a werewolf and a human, a werewolf and a shifter, a werewolf and a werefox, etc, there will be a 50/50 chance on the child's species.

  • Often organize in packs, depending on the animal they turn into.

  • Most Were communities have their own hierarchy and laws, as well as rituals and culture.

  • Can spread their ability, condition or curse (as many call it) to humans if they bite them enough times; however, the human will only be a hybrid (see bitten weres)

  • Big were-animals such as tigers, bears and some other predators are rare in the shifter world. Some animals may not be approved because of this, so don't take it personally.

  • All weres naturally have very high drug and alcohol tolerances, far beyond the natural human capacities.

  • Are immune to a vampire's glamor, as all other supernatural beings are.

  • Gain their ability to shift at puberty (11-14 yrs of age), NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Do not smell canine like or different to humans, witches. They will smell different to vampires and other creatures with heightened senses


  • Shapeshifters are very RARE.

  • They have the ability to shift into any animal at their will; however, they MUST have the animal at hand to imprint or model themselves after.

  • They usually have a 'go-to' animal that they shift into most often.

  • Heightened speed, strength and senses.

  • Can change any time of the month, but will feel the pull of the moon just as weres do.

  • Although they are more versatile in shifting ability than weres, they are considered the lowest in the two-natured community.

  • Are not organized and it is very rare to see groups of them living together. (i.e. - Sam Merlotte lives alone and Daphne Laundry is the first shapeshifter he had met, etc.)

  • Are not as physically strong as werewolves or other wereanimals, but still stronger than most ordinary human beings.

  • Like their were brethren, shifters are immune to glamor, and gain their abilities at the onset of puberty.

  • Do not smell canine like or different to humans, witches. They will smell different to vampires and other creatures with heightened senses

The Authority
 Posted: Sep 25 2013, 03:17 PM


  • Species name spelling is interchangeable between fae, faery, faerie and fairy.

  • Faeries are extremely beautiful.

  • They have pointed ears which can be surgically altered to be rounded like humans.

  • They have glossy, thick, flawless skin.

  • Fae can be very deadly and conniving and have supernatural abilities (see below for more info)

  • Faeries are so beautiful they draw vampires, mortals, witches and all other supernatural creatures in.

  • Faeries are irresistible to the supernatural.

  • Vampires cannot resist Faery blood unless they are old enough to control themselves or Faeries are able to suppress their essence. PLEASE NOTE: Vampire / Fairy relationships are unrealistic unless your Vampire is extremely old. So please keep this in mind if you are looking to ship these two species together.

  • Faeries are connected to natural elements. Faeries are divided amongst clans based on each element. Prominent clans are the Earth, Air, Water, Light, Darkness, and Sky. Faeries have limited control over these elements.

  • Faeries are also very secretive and therefore don't usually engage in a relationship with humans; most viewing humans as a one-night stand or a mere sexual curiosity. RARELY will a fairy have sex with a human strictly for procreation or to keep their bloodline going. Otherwise it is usually due to their promiscuous nature, and nothing more.

  • If a Faery is full or half-blooded, they will develop much more rapidly in both the womb and in childhood than most other species do. This phenomenon tends to occur if the mother is a full blooded native from Faery, as a fairy woman's body is capable of handling the rapidly developing fetuses in utero (ex maurella's pregnancy, and the overnight growth of andy and maurella's girls in s6). However, if the expectant mother is human (the father being fairy), both the pregnancy and the children's growth after birth will more or less be at a normal pace. Regardless of whether the resulting offspring were subject to this phenomenon or not, ALL full or half-blooded fairies will experience a far slower aging process upon reaching adulthood.

  • Both full and half-blooded fairies are extremely long lived, with an average life span ranging from an indeterminate thousands in the fae realm, to approx a couple thousand in this dimension. Naturally, lifespans for all species of fae are much shorter in dimensions outside Faery.

  • Some humans with fae blood develop telepathic powers, elemental blast powers or even both. This is rare however. These fae blooded humans are closely watched by fairies that are from the fae blooded clan. These humans are also alluring to both humans and vampires with or with out powers.

  • The more a fae is mixed with human blood, the further they get from their roots. This means less powers, shorter lifespans, and more human characteristics generally speaking. Any individual possessing less than 1/4 lineage (such as sookie), will otherwise be mostly normal and filed under the 'Other' species category.


Faeries are extra terrestrial and do not come from Earth. They come from a separate realm that is parallel to Earth named Faery. The world is inhabited by Faeries and Faeries are the predominant race. Minorities include nymphs, water spirits, angels, demons, pixies, goblins, brownies and elves. There are no vampires allowed in Faery. The fae realm is run by a monarchy and has its own laws and hierarchy. While Fae politics is not as brutal as vampire politics the fae noble houses are not to be trifled with. Fairies are divided into clans. Clans are mostly based on primary elements.

Fae Clans

All Faeries are born into a clan. Most faeries tend to find a partner in their respective clan as to not upset the hierarchy in the realm of the fae. The faerie clans are based upon the elements. Prominent clans are the Air, Earth, Dark, Sky and Water clans. Each clan has control over their respective elements in the realm of fae and to some extent the mortal plane. They are also able to summon their element into a kinetic like blast.

  • Air Fae: Faeries of the air clan are the embodiment of the element of air. They tend to like to roam freely around the planes just like the element of air. When it comes to dealings with the other clans they are often seen bickering with the earth clan. They have the ability to manipulate the element of air into strong gusts of wind.

  • Dark Fae: Dark fae are all not evil. They embody the element of darkness. They prefer to keep to themselves and watch the other clans and the mortal realm from a distance. When they do get involved in the politics of the fae realm they always seem to butt heads with the sky fae. They have the ability to manipulate shadows and darkness. They can darken an area that is not lit by faeiry magic.

  • Earth Fae: Fae of this clan are connected to the earth beneath us. They are much more stubborn and hardy then the other prominent fae clans. They prefer to stay in one place and are slow to move which puts them at odds when dealing it the air clan. Manipulating the earth into forms of art or as use as a weapon is the ability that they are bestowed.

  • Sky Fae: Fae that call themselves a part of the sky clan are gifted with the ability of manipulating light. The sky fae are seen as nobility amongst the other fairy clans. They are prone to look down at other supernatural creatures and are the most common to go to the mortal plane to mate with humans. They have the ability to control light from an existing source or summon light in a place that is not darkened by fae magic. Sookie is a decedent of the light clan.

  • Water Fae: The embodiment of water the faeirys of the water clan are both eloquent and deadly just like the element they are tied to. They are a powerful clan that considers themselves superior to the other clans especially the sky clan with whom they are easy to quarrel with. They have the ability to control existing sources of water such as rivers and streams and can also summon rain and small amounts of water.


  • Superhuman strength

  • Telepathy

  • Superhuman beauty

  • Superhuman longevity

  • They have a specific form of magic, but it is connected to their world and the longer they are on Earth, the less potent it becomes.

  • Can teleport using doorways to go from one realm to another.

  • They can 'poof' from place to place as well as teleport from their realm to the human world, but they cannot take non-fae characters with them, or any other creature that is not capable of teleportation. They can poof objects as well but it takes a great amount of energy when poofing.

  • They can summon a kinetic blast based upon the element of their clan.

  • Air: A blast of wind or air

  • Dark: A blast of darkness

  • Earth: A blast of earth/ sand

  • Sky: A blast of light

  • Water: A blast of water


  • Faeries are not immortal and can be killed.

  • Citric fruit, lemons and limes in particular are poisonous to fairies.

  • Some faeries have different reactions to citric fruits, but all Faes will die if lemon is ingested.

  • Iron can also kill a Faery (just a tiny amount of iron is extremely fatal to them).

death and ascension

When Faeries die they do not leave a corpse. Instead they leave behind a shimmery silver powder, fairy dust to be exact. Their spirit tells the next living sibling that they have died or have been murdered before it leaves for summerland.

Faes live for thousands of years in Faery if peaceful (however in the human realm their lives are shortened). The oldest known fairy is 13,000. Faeries can ascend to a different level of existence such as an angel. To attain this, they can become a fairy godmother or godfather to a mortal (though they can also move down and become a Demon). They see themselves as superior to humans and other supernaturals and inter-species mating is rare.

fairies and vampires

  • Everything about fairies is intoxicating to a vampire. Their blood and scent will attract any vampire, regardless of age.

  • It is difficult to catch a fairy. However once a vampire has bitten into one it is nearly impossible to stop drinking their blood.

  • Vampires get 'drunk' off fairy blood, it is like a drug to them.

  • It takes a very old vampire to have enough self-control to not drain a fairy.

  • Only the oldest of vampires can drink live fairy blood without killing the fairy.

  • Vampires are not able to enter the fae realm (keep in mind, no non-fae creature can.)

  • Because of this they are natural enemies, fairies aren't too fond of vampires.


  • All Demons are descended from fairies that have 'moved down' or fallen from their status.

  • Demons are not immortal, but can live thousands of years in the fae realm. However like fairies, their lives are shorter in the human world. The average lifespan for full and half-blooded demons in our world is around 3,000 - 4,000 years.

  • Their blood is corrosive and lethal to vampires. Even outside of ingestion, it is not recommended for any species to have physical contact with it without any sort of skin protection, as it is highly acidic and will burn.

  • Like all the other supes, demons are immune to glamor.

  • Due to having fallen out of their natural element, they are difficult for other fae and telepaths to read. To a telepath, the demon's mind would sound like a radio station that is not quite in range.

  • Like vampires, demons have fangs that retract. However, their fangs are much, much shorter than those of a vampire, and are on all 32 teeth.

  • When they die, their bodies do not degrade. They cannot be eaten, even by bugs. They have to be burned.

  • Cannot 'poof' like fairies, but have supernatural speed like a vampire, and can run faster than any human or animal.

  • Demons have an enhanced healing factor. They are able to heal bruises and scrapes in minutes. Stabs and lacerations in hours or days depending on the severity.

  • They have the ability to manipulate fire to a degree. The degree of course is directly related to their pedigree ie full blooded, half-blooded, a quarter, etc. The control of fire is unique to demons, as it marks their status of having fallen from the fairy world.

  • Demons lose the ability to control the element their clan was associated with, instead trading it for the element of fire. This also includes the natural fairy ability of telepathy, though there are very RARE cases of demons that retained it after their fall and/or spread it to their demonic descendants.

  • Upon using their power or becoming angered, a demon's eyes will change to an all black sclera with an iris color of matching black, gunmetal/slate gray, or a crimson blood color. This is usually accompanied with baring all 32 "mini-fangs" if angry or making a show of intimidation.

  • Demons are very strong and dangerous, however unless in rare cases which you must explain in app, do not have special abilities or powers other than what is listed above.

  • Unlike their fairy cousins, demons are not allergic to citrus fruits or iron. They are hard to contain and kill, but it can be done. Decapitation and extensive dismemberment will usually do the trick in ending a demon's life. Also, any fire that is not their own can prove fatal to them as well.

  • As with fairies, the more a demon is mixed with human blood, the more human they will become. Any individual possessing less than 1/4 lineage will receive the 'Other' species category.

The Authority
 Posted: Sep 25 2013, 03:17 PM


Hybrids are half-breeds that share one or more supernatural species. Certain species that pass on the full supernatural gene through one parent (i.e. – witches, shapeshifters, were-wolves/animals) are not considered a hybrid since they have their full species abilities. Hybrids only have received a fraction of their species full potential (i.e. – partial-fairies/demons, bitten were’s, etc.). Only the vampire/fairy hybrid is a special case where the hybrid has received full powers from both species. Hybrids are extremely rare and will need to be approved by staff (please note that demon/vampire hybrids are not available since demon’s blood is toxic to vampires, therefore the hybrid can not exist since it can never be made).

NOTE: Semi-Demons or Half-Faes (cases where the character has one parent that is a FULL demon or fairy) will be classified as Demon or Fairy when accepted and categorized into their species group. Any further removed and they will be considered a Hybrid (i.e. Sookie, since her father was not a full fae)

human / fairy hybrids

  • Often goes by the name "Halflings", created in the rare occasions that a human and faerie get together to produce children and children generations removed from the bloodline if the light is strong enough inside of them. They are healthier than humans as they rarely grow sick, first generations age at an alarming rate until they reach maturity (however first gen's will be categorized as a fairy here on our site). All Halflings are descended from a faery clan.

  • They possess enhanced beauty and blood attraction, the attraction draws other supernatural creatures to them and they make vampires feel full of light when around one.

  • Their blood gives vampires an immunity to sunlight but it is not long lasting, the amount of time depends on the age of the vampire and the amount consumed.

  • Known powers are telepathy, elemental blast, bind, nature memories, and dimensional transportation.

  • Immune to glamour.

human / demon hybrids

  • Similar to hybrid-fae’s, there are also hybrid-demons. They too are extremely rare and in some rare cases (like Barry Horowitz, who is unknowingly a halfling demon through his great-great-great grandfather Desmond Cataliades), have been given the gift of telepathy providing they have “the spark”

  • Halfling-demons have the ability to manipulate fire similar to how a halfling fae would be able to use their light. The level in which they can harness this power is dependent on how mixed in their demon blood line they are and whether this ability was even passed down to them.

  • Since demon blood is toxic to vampires, so is the blood of a halfling-demon; however, depending on what generation the demon halfling is, it might not necessarily kill a vampire, only make them very sick.

  • Like faes and demons, halflings aging process is different depending on whether or not they are in faery or earth. Some semi-demons, like Desmond Cataliades, are known to have longer life spans that normal humans do and age much slower (although Desmond is first generation and thus categorized as a demon here on our site).

  • Also like fae hybrids, demons have the ability of dimensional transportation.

  • Immune to glamour.

fairy / vampire hybrids


  • Extendable fangs, they have the characteristics of both fairies and vampires. Their true form is similar to that of a goblin, will show itself at True Death.

  • Become notable stronger as they age, their powers include telepathy, photokinesis, dimensional manipulation, superhuman speed, superhuman strength, enhanced senses, flight and glamouring.

  • They posses the ability to enter the homes of human's without an invitation and are not affected by silver

  • Due to their faerie nature they are able to walk in the sun, their blood can be used in the same manner as V, drinking their blood grants a vampire the permanent ability to daywalk.

  • They may be killed by staking and have some vulnerability to faerie magic, despite their hybrid status they can also be restrained by items enchanted with fae magic.

bitten weres

  • The only case in the “shifting” species where they are considered a hybrid. (half blooded were-wolves/animals or shifters that take on their species gene are considered “full” and not a hybrid.)

  • Have to be bit repeatedly by a pure were or shifter.

  • Can only shift at the full moon and will NEVER turn into a full animal.

  • As mentioned above, can never shift fully (i.e.- not a full wolf: hairy body, paws, teeth, and similar attributes while retaining some human qualities when they shift.)

  • Not accepted much by genetic weres and shifters; looked down upon in general by the supernatural community.

  • Only turn into one animal (the one they were bitten by).

  • Will still crave blood like a normal shifter.

  • Still considered to have a very cursed existence.

  • Heightened speed, strength and senses.

  • Usually forced to do the bidding of pure weres or shifters.


  • Maenads are immortal so long as they have faith in their god. They are not creatures to be reckoned with.

  • Female, followers of Dionysus. They are completely devoted to their god.

  • They are proud and belligerant creatures. Drawn to violence, drunkenness, sexual activity, ritual, and death.

  • Can manipulate human minds. Can control other supernatural beings if they have infected them with their venomous claws, however that is very seldom.

  • Cause frenzy in others. Absence of the mind or rising to a higher consciousness, the ecstasy leading to loss of memory. They can manipulate human minds, but other supes are immune.

  • Promote sexual orgies, violence, savage behavior, animal instincts, craziness and total loss of self-control.

  • Completely devoted to their god. Everything they do is for the god. They are very proud and arrogant creatures, demanding control of everyone around them. They will often ask for tribute and wreak havoc if it is not received.

  • Although they can appear as humans to disguise themselves, they naturally have three long fingers with venomous claws.

  • They are ancient powerful creatures. Like demons, their blood is corrosive to vampires.

  • Maenads are not very common and show up in areas with high supernatural populations and therefore must be approved by an admin.


  • The Britlingen Collective are bodyguards from another dimension that are reputed to be the best.

  • Most Britlingens have a build and muscles.

  • Enhanced Strength: Britlingens are shown to be slightly stronger then regular humans and are actually counted as the strongest of bodyguards.

  • They can overpower humans, and easily ragdoll them.

  • They must be summoned by a witch, who negotiates a contract with their guild and returnes them to their dimension when the contract is fulfuilled- and Britlingens always fulfill their contracts.

“What is the law? The client's word.”Motto of the Britlingen Collective

information care of Southern Vampire Mysteries Wiki

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