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Welcome y’all! We are a Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood role play forum that was established in 2009. There is no word count and original characters and plots are always welcomed! Our plot has progressed to after the witch war with supernatural and human alike trying to live in a fragile peace.

How long this peace will last is unknown. Illegal sales of vampire blood are on the rise. Rumors of vampire extremists have started to spread. An unknown vampire has taken over the Mississippi werewolf pack and they have turned their eyes towards Louisiana. To make matters worse a murderer has started killing in the Bon Temps, Shreveport area, targeting supernatural and human alike.

The timeline is now anytime between March 1st and June 30th 2012 For further plot information, please see our Premise or PM one of our admin staff. Join in on the fun and come take a trip down south with A Taste of True Blood.

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 Face Claim
The Authority
 Posted: Oct 4 2013, 03:08 PM


Claiming a celebrity’s face is first come, first serve. So if there is someone you have in mind for your character that isn’t taken, reserve that face to ensure that you will get them while making your application. It goes without saying that any cast from the show will be reserved for that character; however, if you want to take a canon and use a different celebrity face, you are welcome to do that as well. Please use the codes!

We also have an area where you can reserve a face for any wanted characters you have posted in the "Wanted" area of our boards. Again, it is first come, first serve. If you find that the desired face claim you want is in the "Wanted" area of this list, take a look at the advertisement in our Wanted board and see if it is a character you'd like to play. If not, feel free to contact the person who claimed them and ask to work something out (i.e. ask to share the claim and be a doppleganger).

Feel free to check out our eye candy thread for suggestions for playbys requested by members of the site

DEUTCH, ZOEY = alyce herveaux
HALE, LUCY = dana walker
HATHAWAY, ANNE = remmy rice
LAWRENCE, JENNIFER = renna morgan
LYNCH, EVANNA = grace harper
PAQUIN, ANNA = sookie stackhouse
PHILLIPS, BIJOU = river deveraux
SALDANA, ZOE = megan cisse
TONKIN, PHOEBE = trinity walker
WOLL, DEBORAH ANN = jessica hamby
AMELL, STEPHEN = tait reed
DESLAURIER, TRAVIS = kyler kimba
HARINGTON, KIT = colton rhett
HARMON, RICHARD = brad white
KWANTEN, RYAN = jason stackhouse
MCAVOY, JAMES = alistair finley
MCMILLIAN, MICHAEL = steve newlin
MORGAN, JOSEPH = kurt o'dair
MOYER, STEPHEN = bill compton
PAUL, AARON = daniel thomas
SMITH, BRIAN J. = isaac dubois
SPRAYBERRY, DYLAN = kenneth mora
TRAMMELL, SAM= sam merlotte
WITWER, SAM = killian

wanted characters

AMICK, MADCHEN = alyson walker || requested by trinity walker
BRESLIN, ABIGAIL= trisha morgan || requested by renna morgan
FASSBENDER, MICHAEL = ethan (maker) || requested by alistair finley

reserved faces

To reserve your face:
[b][i]Alias[/i][/b] would like to reserve [b]Celebrity Name[/b] until [i]estimated date of application completion[/i] <br>

To claim your face:
LAST, FIRST = [i]first and last[/i] <br>

For wanted characters:
LAST, FIRST = [i]first and last[/i] || requested by [b][i]character name[/i][/b]<br>

Nyx Beauchamp
 Posted: May 15 2017, 08:45 PM


PALVIN, BARBARA = [i]Nyx Beauchamp[/i] <br>
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