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Welcome y’all! We are a Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood role play forum that was established in 2009. There is no word count and original characters and plots are always welcomed! Our plot has progressed to after the witch war with supernatural and human alike trying to live in a fragile peace.

How long this peace will last is unknown. Illegal sales of vampire blood are on the rise. Rumors of vampire extremists have started to spread. An unknown vampire has taken over the Mississippi werewolf pack and they have turned their eyes towards Louisiana. To make matters worse a murderer has started killing in the Bon Temps, Shreveport area, targeting supernatural and human alike.

The timeline is now anytime between March 1st and June 30th 2012 For further plot information, please see our Premise or PM one of our admin staff. Join in on the fun and come take a trip down south with A Taste of True Blood.

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True Blood and the Southern Vampire Mysteries are the property of HBO and Charlene Harris, so no copyright infringement intended. Many thanks to them for creating such an amazing world to play in.

All graphics, colour schemes, coding and design were done by Staff. Any images found for the graphics were located using google image search. Big thanks to Entertainment Weekly for creating the American Gothic inspired True Blood cast images used in the header and sidebars. Fonts were care of and uploaded using font squirrel.

The coding was built using the Forum Hosting Stylesheet Version: 1.0.0 as a base which was added to and edited by Staff; however there were some other codes that contributed and are as follows. First off, big ups to w3 schools, a lot of help came from searches that lead to them. Sidebar by Brook (links to sites are now offline). Word count code created by Shawn Seley and contains their copyright. Removal of subforums is a code by InfoZodiac of The Peekaboo side table code was care of SubDevo. Image Mapping hover codes by Image Maps. Grayscale code by KarlHorky of GitHub. Many thanks to Darren Criss from ATF for the mini profile code.

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Mar 23 2017, 12:10 PM

<div class='BGtemp' style='width: 550px;'>
<div class='BG2temp' style='width: 500px;'>
<div class='maintitletemp'>ACTIVITY CHECK #7!</div>
<p><table><tr><td class='BG2temp' style='width: 500px;'><center>
<div style='width: 400px'>
<p align="justify"> It's been a while but welcome to A Taste of True Blood’s seventh Activity Check! This Activity Check will last UNTIL APRIL 12TH . After April 12th, any characters that have not checked in will have their canons and face claims up for grabs again. We have advanced the time line from the witch war so make sure to check out the Updated Premise

Since it has been a while since we last did this and activity has been extremely slow along with a change in the time line we will be requiring posts from ALL CANON AND ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. to be put on the safe list. You can either start a character thread, reply to an open thread on the main forum or past forum. If you are unable to post in the allotted time but are still interested feel free to PM Darryl or Dru. Also feel free to PM us with any questions or concerns. Happy posting!
Please fill out the appropriate code below and we will add your characters to the safe list.
<p><div class='subheadtemp'>safe characters</div><p><table><tr><td class='bg2temp' style='width: 500px;'><center><br><div style='width: 450px'><p><p align="justify"><br>

<div class='WHOtemp' style='color: #29628c'>Aly </div>
Kyler Kimba— species: lion shifter You bring the line<br>
Alyce Herveaux — species: werewolf Smoke break<br>

<div class='WHOtemp' style='color: #29628c'>darryl~</div>
Isaac Dubois — Witch: Business as usual<br>
Jason Stackhouse — Human: Coffee Run<br>
Colton Rhett — Werewolf: Smoke Break<br>
Tait Reed — Werewolf: On Patrol<br>
Killian — Vampire: Good To Be The King<br>

<div class='WHOtemp' style='color: #e8c007'>Dru</div>
Daniel Thomas — Vampire: Good To Be The King<br>
Kenneth Mora — Werewolf: A Few Moments Of Freedom<br>
Bill Compton — Vampire: Lost In Thought<br>
Steve Newlin — Vampire: Mommy Dearest<br>

<div class='WHOtemp' style='color: #a54676'>jessica </div>
jessica hamby-vampire: [time for work<br>

<div class='WHOtemp' style='color: #a54676'>river</div>
river deveraux — vampire: Mommy Dearest<br>
brad white — were-rat: The Wolf and the Rat<br>

<div class='WHOtemp' style='color: #a54676'>the nighttime sky</div>
Grace Harper — Wereanimal: Coffee Run <br>
Sam Merlotte — Shifter: Time for Work <br>

<div class='WHOtemp' style='color: #a54676'>trin </div>
trinity walker — human: Stressed Out<br>


Code for the LADIES:
<div class='WHOtemp' style='color: #a54676'>you alias goes here (no caps please)</div>
character name — species: [url=link to post]Thread Name/url]<br>

Code for the MEN:
<div class='WHOtemp' style='color: #29628c'>you alias goes here (no caps please)</div>
character name — species: [url=link to post]Thread Name[/url]<br>

Code for the ????:
<div class='WHOtemp' style='color: #e8c007'>you alias goes here (no caps please)</div>
character name — species: [url=link to post]Thread Name[/url]<br>
Mar 29 2015, 03:35 PM
<div class='maintitle'> Revelation </div>


With Killian trying to get the two natured to join his cause, the new vampire monarch has opened the doors to the Compton manor to the two natured and their leaders for Alyce’s “trial”. He is hoping that through some coaxing and some passive threats that they will ally with him over the necromancer. However will that be so? The two natured are rather proud and don’t take threats against pack members well at all. Will Alyce live? Will the wolves join Killian and the vampires? Will Killian live to see another nightfall? You decide.

This thread is open to all vampires, two natured and vampire and two natured aligned characters that have a good reason to be present. Try to keep posts somewhat short so players can still post with their characters if they fall behind. Nobody likes to try to cram twelve posts of information into a single post. Posting order will be more relaxed than in other threads but please use common sense and discretion.

Mar 17 2015, 03:06 AM

<div class='BGtemp' style='width: 550px;'>
<div class='BG2temp' style='width: 500px;'>
<div class='maintitletemp'>Eye Candy <br>A.K.A.<br>requested Playbys</div>
<div style='width: 400px'>

<p align="justify">Here is the list of requested play bys for people to use for new characters. Canon faces are automatically reserved for their characters. Please take a look through the wanted character requests. There maybe a character with an interesting face claim that you might want to play.

If you take a playby from the list please post so we can remove it from the list. <br><br></p>

<td style="width: 240px; color: #a54676; font-family: Verdana; font-size: 35px; text-align: center; padding-bottom: 5px; text-shadow: 2px 2px #000000;"><b>♀</b></td>
<td style="width: 240px; color: #29628c; font-family: Verdana; font-size: 35px; text-align: center; padding-bottom: 5px; text-shadow: 2px 2px #000000;"><b>♂<b></td>
<td class='BG2temp' style='width: 240px; font-size: 12px;'>

<td class='BG2temp' style='width: 240px; font-size: 12px;'>


To request a face:
LAST, FIRST = gender & age <br>

Dec 29 2014, 05:00 AM
We here at A taste of True Blood are always looking for ways to improve the site for members, characters and interested people. Do you have an cool idea to update a species or add a new one that is related to true blood? Do you have a really good idea for a site wide or small plot that is screaming in the back of your mind? Have an idea for something we should add? Well if that is the case this thread is for you.

Feel free to post any ideas, suggestions and concerns here. If you don't feel comfortable doing so feel free to private message any of the awesome staff!

Aug 9 2014, 11:07 PM

Starfleet needs someone like you.

Join as a first year cadet and meet your advisor, pick your major, find your dorm, and register for your classes! The new term starts Sep. 1st so come by soon and see what we're all about.


Welcome to Starfleet is a full bodied Star Trek RPG that focuses on character development across our three expansive settings: Starfleet Academy, the USS Infinity, and Altidra Colony. We invite Star Trek experts and newcomers alike and offer a little something for everyone.

We can't wait to see you there.
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